Inside Glassdoor: Employee Feedback, Q4 2021

Glassdoor is a platform that allows people to find a job and company they love. This is enabled through our core value of transparency. The two key ways we understand employee sentiment are through our own Glassdoor reviews and our Pulse data.    

Our Glassdoor profile is open and available for all to see. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we’ve taken another step forward by sharing our own internal Pulse survey results externally. Taking a job or making a career move is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. We believe that when the voices and experiences of real employees are given a platform, prospective candidates can make better, more informed decisions about where they want to work – this includes us here at Glassdoor too. We want to lead the way with our platform, and that’s why we’re sharing more about Glassdoor and each team’s latest Pulse feedback. That’s our mission…we want to help everyone find a job and company they love, including here at Glassdoor.

Similar to last quarter,  we have published our full quarterly Pulse survey, including the quantitative metrics and the comments that meet our publishing guidelines.

Quarterly Pulse Survey Highlights, February 2021

Below are some of the key takeaways from the quarterly Pulse survey conducted in February 2021. 

Pulse survey data: February 16, 2021
Response rate: 83% (+7 since our November survey)
Company eSat: 70 (+1 since our November survey)

  • eSat: Employee satisfaction increased by one point since our Q3 Pulse Survey.  While many express appreciation for the support that Glassdoor has provided during the pandemic, employees express feelings of change fatigue and uncertainty surrounding the future of Glassdoor and the long term implications of our partnership with Indeed. 
  • Strategy clarity & role clarity: There continues to be room for improvement in helping employees understand the day-to-day transition and long-term implications of our GTM transition and unfolding partnership with Indeed. 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging scores have all meaningfully increased since November.  Employees are proud of the work Glassdoor has done over the past year to improve diversity, inclusion, and belonging – they especially credit the ERGs with elevating and amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups. 
  • Career: Employees want clearer opportunities for career pathing and progression. With heavy workloads, they lack time to explore career development or skill growth. 
  • Burnout: 60% of survey participants are experiencing burnout, with the top three reasons listed as: heavy workloads, shifting priorities, and not enough opportunities for rest and recovery.  Burnout is compounded by one year of WFH and feeling disconnected from colleagues.
  • Top suggestions to address burnout: Additional company holidays, address zoom meeting fatigue, adjust expectations of productivity, improve day-to-day operational interaction with Indeed, pilot an alternate work schedule. 

If you’d like to explore further, you can find the full results below.

  1. eSat – How happy are you working at Glassdoor?
  2. Prospects – I am excited about Glassdoor’s future.
  3. Purpose – The work that I do at Glassdoor is meaningful to me.
  4. Career – I have good career opportunities at Glassdoor.
  5. Team – I am satisfied with my work team.
  6. Diversity – Glassdoor makes it easy for people from diverse backgrounds to be accepted.
  7. Inclusion – Diverse perspectives are valued at Glassdoor.
  8. Belonging – I feel I can be my true self at work. 
  9. Recognition – I feel satisfied with the recognition or praise I receive for my work.
  10. Manager – I would recommend my manager to others. 
  11. Dept Leadership – I have confidence in my department’s leadership team (Department Leadership: SVP and direct reports).
  12. Senior Leadership – I have confidence in Glassdoor’s Senior Leadership Team (Sr. Leadership: CSW and direct reports).
  13. Strategy Clarity – I have clarity about Glassdoor’s strategy.
  14. Role Clarity – I understand my role in Glassdoor’s strategy.
  15. Phase II Salary Transparency – In the next phase of salary transparency, I would be comfortable with others viewing my personal salary.
  16. Burnout – I am experiencing burnout.
  17. Reasons for Burnout – If you agree or strongly agree, what are the main reasons for your burnout? 
  18. Burnout Suggestions – What suggestions do you have to address burnout?
  19. Action Taking – I believe meaningful action will be taken as a result of this survey.
  20. What else? – What else is on your mind?

Scores by department:

Survey conducted using Glint Employee Engagement Tool

We commit to publishing all Pulse comments as written, so long as they do not contain the following:

  • Explicit criticism of individual employees outside of our Sr. Executive team
  • Profanities, threats, libel, or discriminatory language targeted at an individual or group
  • Confidential, non-public internal company information (some examples include: source code or detailed financial results)
  • Comments prefaced with #private, to protect confidentiality 

Action Plan:

We commit to publishing our company-wide action plan annually in Q4.  The Sr. Executive team met to discuss the results of our February Pulse survey, identify priorities, and create a roadmap towards improving employee engagement at Glassdoor.

Priority 1: Address burnout

Extra days off: Glassdoor will provide an additional monthly global day off for all employees and offer alternative support to the people that cannot take those days off due to monthly, cyclical deadlines.

Burnout guide: Glassdoor will provide a guide for employees and managers to address burnout, including:  

  • Tips and best practices for employees to address meeting fatigue 
  • Suggestions to improve engagement during the pandemic through various burnout and engagement offerings that allows employees to pick the ones that best suit their needs

Priority 2: Address Indeed partnership

  • Senior leadership will provide clear messaging about the future of Glassdoor and embrace our overlay-model partnership with Indeed
  • Leaders will proactively find opportunities to meet with Indeed teams on a regular basis to stay ahead of challenges that impact the team or hinder collaboration
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