Doubting Your Credibility?

When I first started out, I chose the brand name “The Path of Me,” which focused on helping people find their own distinct path (of purpose) in life.

At the time, this idea resonated with me.

In the beginning I struggled with having my personal name tied to my work. Confidence in my ability to serve was never an issue. However I did wrestle with whether or not I had the credibility needed to share my message as an authority figure. Perhaps it was imposter syndrome.

Over the years I put out lots of content and promoted my work across the social media multiverse. I made hundreds of videos, wrote articles, and launched a podcast, not to mention all the opportunities to share my message in person via speaking gigs and trainings. This was a period of learning.

As with anything in life, crafting your message takes practice.

The message you start with may not be the one you end with. It may change once or one hundred and one times, and that’s okay. Through personal and professional growth we start to refine and sharpen the message. It becomes clearer and stronger. In time we learn how to make a more meaningful impact with the intended audience.

People who have followed me for a while can attest to that, as they’ve witnessed my messaging and image evolve over time.

In early 2020 I went through a big rebranding. Finally, after years of waiting, I was able to buy the domain for my name – RichPerry(dot)com. It was owned by another for years and I refused to settle for an alternative. This meant a lot of extra work but this shift was in alignment with the person I’ve grown to become and the message I want to deliver moving forward.

But I would never have arrived here if I didn’t start all those years ago. It was a process of learning, refinement, and gaining greater clarity. It also took daily practice.

If you’re someone who is just starting out right now – don’t fret. Don’t wait for things to be perfect either. Practice sharing your message with your audience. They want to hear from you. They connected with you for a reason. Give them what they’re looking for.


Photo by Matthew Osborn on Unsplash


You Don’t Need More Certifications. Put Yourself Out There!

I am a BIG believer in daily learning and growth. I think we should all have a coach or mentor, read books that help us advance, attend specialized training to develop new skills, and grow in our business / career path. 

But I see a lot of coaches and entrepreneurs who fail to share their message because they doubt their current ability. They rationalize their behavior thinking, “I’ll do this after I get this next certification” but that passes and they remain silent. Then a new certification opportunity or fancy course flashes across their screen and that’s the new “must have” before they fully commit to sharing their message and making significant business moves. 

You don’t need every certification under the sun in order to be a valuable coach or service provider. You don’t need to be a guru. You don’t need to be a top 1%-er.


Right now you are good at what you do. So share your message and establish your platform. Serve others and collect data and testimonials. Then share those. Build on your successes. 

The best part is that you can do this AND continue to learn and grow at the same time. Each day getting better. Each day learning something new to share with your audience and clientele. Each day growing your value and building your leadership platform. 



If you want help in developing a clear and direct course of action then let’s talk. I’d be honored to help you position yourself as a recognized expert so you can grow your business.

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If you’re committed to your future then I want to show you how I will help you position yourself as a recognized expert so you can grow your business. 

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