MyPhillyLawyer Helps Secure an 80 Million Dollar Victory for Transvaginal Mesh Patient

Dean Weitzman, Esq.

Philadelphia, PA (Law Firm Newswire) June 6, 2019 – A Philadelphia jury awarded more than $80 million to a 75-year-old woman in a transvaginal mesh lawsuit against Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). The verdict was delivered in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on May 17, 2019 and also included $50 million in punitive damages.

MyPhillyLawyer, a Philadelphia-based personal injury law firm, worked on the case in collaboration with attorneys at Kline & Specter. The verdict marked the eighth time a Philadelphia jury has awarded substantial damages to a plaintiff in a defective mesh case.

“Knowing when and who to partner with on complex matters is more important than you realize,” said Dean Weitzman, managing partner of MyPhillyLawyer. “MyPhillyLawyer received a call from a woman suffering from a defective product. Our team jumped into high gear, gathering all of the necessary information, preserving all of the evidence and, at the right time, partnering with the premier litigation firm handling transvaginal mesh litigation in the United States. Partners at each firm met regularly to discuss and strategize on the litigation.”

Plaintiff Patricia Mesigian of Media, Pennsylvania, suffered multiple injuries after the erosion of an Ethicon transvaginal mesh implant she received in 2008 to treat organ prolapse. She alleged that Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) failed to provide adequate warnings about the safety issues linked to the defective device.

“Our client wisely chose MyPhillyLawyer, and for the same single legal fee, had the attention and work product of two premier law firms,” said Weitzman. “The end result was a six-week trial culminating in an $80 million verdict. It all began at MyPhillyLawyer.”

MyPhillyLawyer has a history of success with a broad range of defective product cases including dangerous medical devices. The Philadelphia law firm has recovered over $500 million for its clients through various personal injury lawsuits.

Transvaginal mesh is a synthetic medical implant used to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse among women. Defective devices can cause serious injuries including infections, internal bleeding and organ perforation.

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Cummings Law Represents Patient’s Family in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against VUMC

Brian Cummings, Esq.

Nashville, TN (Law Firm Newswire) March 13, 2019 – A lawsuit recently filed by Cummings Law on behalf of the family of Chesta Shoemaker claims that the dedicated nurse and devoted mother died a wrongful death at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chesta Shoemaker entered the hospital with a kidney infection in the spring of 2017. Her son, Brett Keefer, reports that her condition was noticeably improving until a resident mistakenly punctured her carotid artery while attempting to insert a central line into a vein. This mistake cut off circulation to Ms. Shoemaker’s brain. This serious mistake went unrecognized for approximately 12 hours, and later attempts to restore proper blood flow to the brain were too late. The next day, with it being clear she would die as a result of her severe brain injury caused by the lack of proper blood flow to the brain, she was taken off life support and died.

As reported on the local NBC News channel, Brian Cummings, the well-known medical malpractice attorney representing Shoemaker’s family, states that Vanderbilt Medical Center is responsible for Chesta’s wrongful death since they should have had “a more trained physician doing something so important…if this resident had caught her mistake with any kind of promptness, this wouldn’t have led to death.” The lawsuit claims both that Dr. Edwards “was not experienced enough to be permitted to attempt the procedure without supervision” and that Dr. Edwards “did not tell Ms. Shoemaker she was a resident.”

Chesta Shoemaker’s son describes his mother as “an amazing woman [who] had an excellent spirit. She was… always excited about life… and had a passion for helping people, healing, being there for people when they’re down.” The lawsuit seeks damages ranging from $15 million to $30 million. Vanderbilt’s Chief Communications Officer, John Howser when asked for his response to the case replied that “…because this matter is the subject of pending litigation, it would be inappropriate to comment.”


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