5 Expert-Approved Tips To Speed Up Your Job Search

It’s understandable to feel urgent and restless when you’re searching for a new job, but don’t let that hunger drive your strategy. Job seeking can feel like an emotional project, but it’s mostly a logistical one.

Position yourself for success by creating systems that streamline the undertaking so that you can get to the good part: loving your job and doing it with aplomb and rigor. Here are four ways to speed your job search, according to the experts.

1. Know what you want. 

Sarah Stoddard, Glassdoor Career Expert recommends an informed approach, starting with self-reflection. Stoddard advises: “Absolutely, do your research on the company that you’re interested in working for. Understand the role you’re applying for, and get a sense of what you love to do at work. That can help guide you to the types of companies and to the jobs that you might be the best fit for.”

Use self-assessment to drive your ambition. Stoddard explains: “Oftentimes people open up a site like Glassdoor and they search for a job title that they’ve heard of or that they’ve held before. But I’ve found that if you start by taking a pulse of what skills you have that you’ve excelled in, the experience you have to offer, and the areas of your career that you’d like to explore even further. By doing your own self-reflection of that-what you’re looking for, that can broaden your horizons in terms of the types of jobs that you apply for.”

Stoddard points out that job seekers can use this “thoughtful, informed” approach by answering these questions: What are the skills that I have that I’m really good at? Where do I excel? She recommends listing both hard and soft skills as you clarify what your next fitting role may look like.

Mikaela Kiner, Founder/CEO at Reverb, recommends: “Identify the kind of company you’re interested in – where you like the culture and feel like you’ll be successful. For example, you may look at lists like Best Places to Work, fastest-growing startups, or best companies for working moms. Do that first, then hit the job boards. It helps to hone in on certain criteria so you don’t find yourself applying for every job that might be a match. A little focus can save lots of time in the long run.”  

2. Customize materials.  

Make sure that your materials are revised and streamlined for success. That means that your resume can deftly handle the ATS tracking system.  Amanda Augustine, the career advice expert for TopResume, explains: “ATS stands for applicant tracking system. In short, an ATS is a piece of software used by employers to scan and rank the online job applications they receive for their open positions.”

A key, when it comes to “beating the bots,” and making your materials stand out is to customize each submission. Biron Clark, founder of Career Sidekick explains: “When a hiring manager or recruiter reads your resume, they’re thinking, ‘Does this person have the skills and experience needed to step into this role and succeed?’ They’re comparing your background to the specific job posting. So as a job seeker, you can speed up your job search and get more interviews if you write and edit your resume with the job description in front of you. Add skills and experience that best fit the role, reorder content to show your most relevant skills first, and consider removing content that’s not relevant.”

Those who receive your materials will not make connections for you: “oh, if she’s worked as a writer, she probably has great editing skills.” You have to make your case and demonstrate why you’re a fit for each role for which you submit a resume.

Stoddard adds: “If you’ve done self-reflection and research, then when it’s time to hit ‘apply’ on a job, and you’re preparing your resume and your cover letter for those, you have even more info about what the company is looking for…you know what skills and what value you’re going to offer to the employer that you can put into your application and that will help you stand out. . . doing as much as you can to personalize your resume and cover letter will put you in the best position.”

Don’t worry about making your resume a comprehensive timeline of your professional work history. Kiner advises: “People often try to cram too much into a resume and feel anxious if they can’t fit in every single job, experience, and skill. What is the purpose of a resume? It’s to share enough information that the company wants to learn more about you. If you view your resume through that lens, you can focus on the information that really matters by including whatever is relevant and demonstrates your ability/qualifications to perform the role. Once you get an interview, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your full story.” 

3. Network like you mean it.  

Your reach is bigger than you know, because of your network. Stoddard points out: “It’s so vital to building your network . . . even if you’re in a job and you’re not looking for a new opportunity, it’s good to keep getting out there.” Networking is part of passive job-seeking that you can build continually.

Clark adds: “Having a strong network can speed up your job search more than any other single factor, but it only works if you build relationships instead of taking a transactional approach. Networking is most effective when you treat it as an ongoing process, not an activity for when you need immediate assistance. Many job seekers tell me that they’re not getting responses to their networking messages, and it’s almost always because they haven’t built relationships until the moment they have a big favor to ask.”

Your network is helpful when you’re job seeking, but it’s valuable for a host of other reasons too. It gives you the chance to learn about what other professionals are thinking, reading, and navigating. Clark recommends: “So instead of only asking for favors, try to help others, too. Facilitate connections between people in your network who would benefit from knowing each other. Keep in touch with each person in your network by talking at least a few times per year. If you build relationships on an ongoing basis, your network will be far more likely to respond when you do need help.”

Kiner adds: “When you define your network, think broad. I frequently hear people say, ‘I see a perfect job posting, but I don’t know anyone at that company.’ Your most useful network is often one step removed, so don’t ask who you know, but who you’re connected to and who they know. Using your network to get an introduction is one of the best ways to apply. We all do it, so don’t feel bad about asking for an introduction. No doubt you’ll be able to pay it forward.” Kiner shares.  

4. Use the right tools.

Finding a new job is a research project; these Glassdoor tools focus and streamline your search.   

Know your worthGet real-time data so that you know if you’re currently being paid fairly. Learn more about pay standards in your industry and region. This gives you the information you need to negotiate

a competitive salary confidently.  In 2016, Glassdoor found that 59 percent of job candidates accepted offers without negotiating their salaries. By 2019, that number dropped to 40 percent of job seekers who did not attempt to negotiate a better deal for themselves. Keep it up, job seekers!

Company compare feature– This tool pulls data from company profiles and compares them side by side. That way, you don’t have to filter between the two; instead, just use this easy-to-use tool to compare companies fast and efficiently. Easily compare:

·   Overall company rating

·   Career opportunities

·   Compensation & benefits

·   Work-life balance

·   Senior management

·   Culture & values

Streamline your search with the company compare feature.

Job alerts help you target fitting roles. Experiment with the robust filters that designate criteria like company size, remote status, pay range, industry, etc. These will help you target a fitting role. Stoddard explains: “There’s a lot of hidden filters in the job search panel.” There’s the tremendous capacity to create a targeted search that gets you the output you need.

5. Find your fit.

Don’t stop searching until you find your fit. Clark points out: “I see many job seekers get excited after a great interview and stop applying to other positions. Then, if the job offer falls through, they’re back at the beginning of the process with no momentum or active conversations. So if you want to get hired as quickly as possible, don’t get your hopes up about any single employer until you know the job offer is yours. It’s better to receive multiple job offers and have to decline some than wait for one job offer and have it fall through.”

Search company reviews and find your fit. You deserve a job that fits your life.   

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28 Best Places To Work Tech Companies Hiring Now!

Looking to break into the technology industry? Prominent and influential tech companies like Facebook, Google, Mircosoft, Salesforce are always known as the best places to work; nothing has changed in 2021!

We’ve rounded up 28 of 2021 Best Places to Work technology companies to highlight their many job offerings! See the companies that might be your next workplace and apply to have a chance to experience the amazing benefits, compensation and participate in meaningful work that could positively impact millions around the world.

Industry: Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Madison, AL & more.
Open Roles: Solution Developer Intern, DGX Systems – Deep Learning, Site Reliability Engineer, GPU Performance Tools Engineer, Verification Engineer – New College Grad, Performance Engineer, Senior Solutions Architect Manager – Automotive, Senior Account Manager, Software Technical Program Manager & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: Remote
Open Roles: Account Executive – Mid-Market, (SPRING 2021 GRADS) Inbound Success Coach – Entry-Level Sales, Customer Support Specialist (West Coast), HubSpot for Startups – Business Development Manager, Manager, Customer Onboarding (APAC), Corporate Account Executive – SaaS Sales, Product Manager, Digital Asset Management & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Internet
Where Hiring: Mountain View, CA,  San Francisco, CA & more.
Open Roles: Software Engineering Intern, Machine Learning, Ph.D., Staff Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Infrastructure, Software Engineer, Infrastructure Cloud Consultant, Google Cloud Professional Services, Software Engineer, Machine Learning, Operations Manager, Google Health & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: Remote
Open Roles: Commercial Real Estate Paralegal, Sr. Software Engineer, Strategic Account Director-Financial Services, Support CX Program Manager, Customer Experience & Success, Senior Infrastructure & Telemetry Engineer, Strategic Account Executive – Media & Entertainment, Software Engineer & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Internet
Where Hiring: Menlo Park, CA, San Francisco, CA & more.
Open Roles: Business Planning and Operations Manager, Marketing Science, Research Scientist, Technical Program Manager Business Process & Technology, Products/Tools, Director, FRL Carrier Channel Sales, Revenue Accounting Manager, Ads, Privacy & Data Policy Manager, Partnerships, Quantitative Research Manager & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Internet
Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA, Fremont, CA & more.
Open Roles: Sales Operations and Strategy Associate, Customer Success – Sales Solutions, Senior Administrative Assistant, SOAR Program – Analyst, Insights Program Manager, Senior Web Marketing Manager – Digital Strategy and Operations Team, Product Manager – Jobs Marketplace Trust, Senior Control Algorithm Engineer & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA & more.
Open Roles: DocuSign Product Evangelist, Strategic Renewal Manager, Enterprise Corporate Sales 2, Software Engineer (C#/.Net), Web and eCommerce, Solution Architect – Demo Engineer/Architect, Engineering Manager, Finance Operations Manager, Manager, Solution Engineering & more.

Browse Open Jobs

KnowBe4 *Hiring Surge*
Where Hiring: Remote, Tampa, FL, Clearwater, FL & more.
Open Roles: Regional Account Manager (Remote), Regional Account Manager (Remote) Chattanooga, TN, Regional Sales Account Executive, VP Customer Advocacy, Sales Representative (Remote) Nashville, TN, Courseware QA Manager, Regional Account Manager (Remote) Dallas, TX, Sales Representative (Remote) Orlando, FL & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Salesforce *Hiring Surge*
Industry: Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA, Palo Alto, CA & more.
Open Roles: Business Development Representative — Salesforce.Org, Data Science Engineering, Machine Learning, Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations, Lead Visual Designer, Tableau, Salesforce User Researcher, CAFM Program Manager, Workplace Services Global Ops, VP, Delivery Services – Practices & more.

Browse Open Jobs

RingCentral *Hiring Surge*
Industry:Telecommunications Services
Where Hiring:Belmont, CA, & more.
Open Roles:Customer Success Strategy, Director, Marketing Web Producer, Product Manager, Partnerships, Senior Software Engineer (Full Time; Multiple Openings), Manager, Field Operations – Marketing Automation, Senior Software Engineer, CRM Service Engineer, Senior Quantitative User Experience Researcher & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Zoom Video Communications *Hiring Surge*
Industry:IT Services
Where Hiring:Remote
Open Roles:Payments Analyst, Zoom Phone Specialists, IT Asset Management Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Distinguished Architect, Zoom Phone Specialist, Workplace Investigator, International Product Manager, Zoom Phone & more.

Browse Open Jobs

The Math Works
Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring:Natick, MA, Novi, MI & more.
Open Roles:Multiple Openings – Engineering Development Group – U.S., Sales Development Representative, EDG Intern – MS and PhD Engineering Majors, EDG Intern – Bachelor Computer Science Majors, Senior Services Operations Specialist, Principal Program Manager, Product Owner – Commerce Applications & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Zscaler *Hiring Surge*
Industry:Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Where Hiring:San Francisco, CA,  Allston, MA, New York, NY & more.
Open Roles:Regional Vice President – Enterprise Sales ~ West, Cloud Security Architect, Regional Alliance Manager- Commercial West, Inside Sales Systems Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, Majors, Senior Director, M&A Strategy – Integration & Technology, Regional Alliance Manager- Commercial & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring:San Francisco, CA, Berkeley, CA & more.
Open Roles:Apple Technical Specialist, Social Gaming Software Engineer, Global Platform Specialist, Americas, SW Engineer, AMP, App Store, SW Engineer, AMP, App Store, Apple Education Products – Software Tools and Automation Engineer, Client Partner, Software Engineer, Videos & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA, Fremont, CA & more
Open Roles:Corporate Account Executive, Senior Accountant – Bookkeeper, Work From Home Expert Bookkeeper, Tax Professional – CPA – Work From Home, Back End Software Engineer 2, Product Marketing Manager, QuickBooks Experienced Accountant, Marketing Manager & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Where Hiring:San Mateo, CA, Portland, OR & more.
Open Roles:Sr. Salesforce Software Developer, Sr. Salesforce CPQ Software Developer, Senior Account Executive – CX, Senior Solutions Architect (Marketing), Senior Manager, Strategic Planning & Analysis, Director, Software Engineering, Senior Analyst- GTM Strategic Planning & Analysis, CX Program Manager & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Cisco Systems
Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring:San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA,  Chicago, IL & more.
Open Roles:Site Reliability Engineer, Systems Engineer, Corporate Counsel, Software Sales Strategy Leader, America Service Provider, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Sales, Product Sales Specialist, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Dashboard, Product Manager- Switch Platforms & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring:San Diego, CA,  Boulder, CO & more.
Open Roles:Camera Software Application Engineer, Hardware Verification Engineer, Senior Engineer, WiFi PHY Systems, Power/Thermal SW Engineer- Telematics, System Integration & Test Engineer, Machine Learning Systems Researcher, EDA/CAD Infrastructure and Compute Engineer & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring:San Francisco, CA,  Palo Alto, CA & more.
Open Roles:Senior Manager, AMER Professional Services PMO – Opportunity for Working Remotely Palo Alto, CA, Sr. Manager, DevOps – Workspace ONE Intelligence – Opportunity for Working Remotely San Francisco, CA, Software Engineer – VMware Tanzu Labs San Francisco, CA, Intern – VMware Research Group -Redesigning Rack-Scale Networks for Remote Memory San Francisco, CA & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA,  San Jose, CA, Scottsdale, AZ & more.
Open Roles:Sr. PMM – SMB- Instore Pricing, Sr Mgr Mktg Production & Transcreation, Sr. Product Manager, Product Marketing Mgr – PP Shopping, Manager Strategic Growth, Partnership Marketing Associate, Finance & Accounting Intern & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry:Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Where Hiring:San Francisco, CA, Palo Alto, CA & more.
Open Roles:Outbound Product Manager, Customer Accounts, Manager, Software Development Engineering in Test, Software Engineer III, (Full Stack, Java), Software Engineer III (Java), Principal Software Engineer, In-Memory Engine, Sr. Database Administrator, Cloud Operations & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry:Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA & more.
Open Roles: Sr. Software Development Engineer in Test, C++ Developer – Photoshop, Education Marketing Communications Specialist, Experience Researcher, Lead Software Engineer, Campaign Marketing Manager, Experience Design Intern, Document Cloud, Senior Software Engineer & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Where Hiring:San Francisco, CA,  New York, NY & more.
Open Roles:Account Executive, Mid Market, Engineering Manager, Language & Runtime, Performance Infrastructure, Audience Operations Manager, Sr. Value Consultant, Sr. Associate, Business Operations, Sr. Event Content Manager, Global Sales Strategy and Operations Manager, & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Health Catalyst
Industry:Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Where Hiring:Remote, Salt Lake City, UT & more.
Open Roles:Women and Women of Color in Engineering Scholarship, Sr. Financial Analyst / Sr. Growth Analyst, Data Engineer. Sr. (Vitalware), Data Analyst, Strategic Pricing, Sr. Director, EDI Software Engineer, Engineering Lead – Big Data team, Project Specialist (Vitalware) & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Blue Yonder *Hiring Surge*
Industry:Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Where Hiring:Dallas, TX, Boston, MA, Scottsdale, AZ & more.
Open Roles:Enterprise Account/Customer Executive – Supply Chain Execution, Sr. Manager / Director – Transformation Advisory, Staff Engineer- Big Data, Sr. IBM Sterling Developer/Engineer (OMS modules), Sr. Solution Architect – OMS, Sr. Account / Customer Executive – High Tech & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Computer Hardware & Software
Where Hiring: Redwood City, CA, San Francisco, CA & more.
Open Roles: Software Engineering Intern – Summer 2021, Associate Implementation Consultant, Sr. DevOps Engineer, ISM, Outbound Business Representative, Senior Software Engineer, Admin Experiences, Sr. Software Engineer, Android, Senior Data Security Engineer, Software Engineer, Admin Experiences & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Where Hiring: Redwood City, CA, Palo Alto, CA & more.
Open Roles: Senior Executive Assistant, Legal Operations Billing Analyst, Sr. Manager, Change Management, Change Manager, Talent Marketing Manager, Principal Network Engineer, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO, Principal Software Engineer, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO, Commercial Management Director & more.

Browse Open Jobs

Industry: IT Services
Where Hiring: Vernon Hills, IL, Lincolnshire, IL, Shelton, CT & more.
Open Roles: Financial Planning Manager, Sales Representative, Application Development eCommerce, Associate Consulting Engineer – Enterprise Network Solutions, Senior Payroll System Analyst, Senior Application Developer, eCommerce, Principal Customer Success Manager – Azure & more.

Browse Open Jobs

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45 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

It was the middle of July 2008, and I had just bought an expensive power suit for a job interview. After being laid off during the height of the recession and unemployed for about six weeks, I was feeling desperate and willing to spend money on anything that might put my career on track.

Surprisingly, the train was running on time that day, which gave me the opportunity to take my new jacket off, sit back, and prepare for this meeting one last time. At my stop, I realized I was so intently focused that I didn’t notice a robbery happening right under my nose. The jacket was gone.

With nothing but an inappropriate tank top on, I was mortified but decided to go for it anyway. I proceeded to meet all of the organization’s department heads, during which time my thoughts repeatedly returned to my improper attire. But believe it or not, I ended up getting the job.

Even though my story had a happy ending, there’s no doubt the pressures of the interview process had me unnerved. Anything can happen before or during an interview, which is why it’s crucial to walk in feeling prepared — even if your jacket has just been stolen.

Interviewers will be focused on finding out if you’re the right fit for the position, but it’s also important to decide if the company is the right fit for you. Have a list of questions to ask in a  job interview.

Your role

Be careful not to ask questions already answered in the job description. It’s important to go beyond those general duties to understand everything the job entails.

1. Can you offer specific details about the position’s day-to-day responsibilities?

2. What would my first week at work look like?

3. How does this position contribute to the organization’s success?

4. What do you hope I will accomplish in this position?

5. How does the company culture affect this role?

6. What job shadowing opportunities are available for an applicant before they accept an offer?

Proceed with caution: If rather than going into detail about the primary responsibilities listed in the job description, the employer rambles off many more duties — they may be asking you to take on more than you initially thought.

Getting to know the interviewer

Most likely, the interviewer is the first contact you’ll have at this company — they could even be your future boss. Asking questions can help you understand their attitude, company values, and where the company’s future is heading.

7. What do you enjoy most about working here?

8. Why are you working in this industry?

9. Can you walk me through your typical work day?

10. What is your greatest accomplishment with the company?

11. What is your team’s greatest accomplishment?

12. What goals do you have for the company, yourself, and employees over the next five years?

13. What hobbies do you have outside of the office?

Proceed with caution: Be wary of leaders who have trouble opening up or don’t seem passionate about their company and team.

Management’s style

What type of management style do you need to reach the height of your potential? Now’s the best time to see if the company’s leaders align with your expectations.

14. How do leaders encourage employees to ask questions?

15. How do leaders set employees up for success?

16. How does employee feedback get incorporated into day-to-day operations?

17. How does management deliver negative feedback to employees?

Proceed with caution: Employers who can’t list how they encourage employees and set them up for success may not deliver the support you’re looking for in a company.

Company culture

From benefits and perks to the ways employees interact with each other, not meshing with a company’s culture can put a roadblock on your path to success.

18. What is your work culture like?

19. How would you describe the work environment here?

20. What benefits are focused on work-life balance?

21. What benefits and perks does the company offer?

22. What is the outline of your telecommuting policy?

23. How frequently do employees make themselves available outside of normal working hours?

Proceed with caution: Listen closely to how the interviewer describes the company’s benefits and environment to be sure it’s the right culture for your personality and working style.

Company reputation

After doing some research, you should already know a few things about the company’s reputation. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper to make sure this is a place where you’ll thrive.

24. What’s your mission statement?

25. How often is a new hire the result of a previous employee quitting?

26. Why do most employees leave the company?

27. How would employees describe the company and its leaders?

28. What are the company’s biggest problems? How are they overcoming them?

29. What do you want the company to be known for among employees — past, present, and future?

Proceed with caution: Quality leaders will be the first to admit that their company isn’t perfect. Interviewers who claim they would change nothing might be failing to grow and make positive changes.

Performance measurements

Knowing a company’s expectations and how they measure goals before accepting a job offer helps you decide if their style matches with what motivates you.

30. How are employees recognized for their hard work?

31. How involved are employees in the structuring of their own goals and tasks?

32. What are your views on goals, timelines, and measuring success?

33. How often are employees expected to provide status updates on a project?

34. How often do you evaluate employee performance?

Proceed with caution: Wanting constant updates and control over employee tasks are warning signs of a micromanager.

Future co-workers

The employees at this organization could be your next team. Make sure you’re positive this is a group you want to be a part of.

35. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?

36. How competitive are your employees?

37. How do you develop teamwork skills among employees?

Proceed with caution: A competitive environment can be fun and motivating, but a lack of teamwork in the office could point to a cutthroat company.

Opportunities for growth

What is your ultimate career goal? Set yourself up for success by finding out how far this new position could take you on your career path.

38. What type of mentor system do you have in place?

39. What type of educational/training opportunities does the company offer?  

40. What advancement opportunities are available?

41. How do leaders promote employee growth and success?

42. What does it take to be a top performer at this company?

Proceed with caution: If an interviewer is unable to share how you can advance within the company, chances are you might not be able to grow at the rate you want.

Moving forward

Don’t leave the interview with any questions unanswered — for you or the interviewer. This is your final opportunity to make sure you’re both on the same page before you walk out the door.

43. What’s the next step of this process, and when can I expect to hear from you?

44. Is there any other information I can provide you with?

45. Would you like to see more examples of my work?

Proceed with caution: Interviewers who don’t have a lot to offer on next steps may already have another candidate in mind or might not be in a big rush to hire. Remember to stay positive and continue to job search until you’re officially hired.

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Hot, New Jobs For You

Branch Property Manager

EMC Insurance
Des Moines, IA

23 hours ago 23h

Program Manager

RiverSide Integrated Solutions
Lewiston, MN

3 days ago 3d

Credit Risk Manager I

TD Bank
Laurel, DE

3 days ago 3d


Bristol Restaurant LLC
Marion, VA

6 days ago 6d

Fleet Manager

Family Tree Service, Inc.
Laytonville, CA

2 day ago 2d

Project Manager

Omaha, NE

23 hours ago 23h

General Manager

Wendy’s / COS
Dundee, MI

6 days ago 6d


Advantage Consulting & Management
Columbus, OH

2 day ago 2d

Field Manager

Grand Teton Floor & Window Coverings
Jackson, WY

6 days ago 6d

Office Manager

Amarillo, TX

24 hours ago 24h

18 Remote Jobs That Pay $100,000+ At The Best Places To Work

Ring in the new year with a new remote job! Although COVID-19 has altered the job market and has caused instability within the economy. Many companies are looking to fulfill remote roles within their companies. We’ve rounded up 18 of the 2021 Best Places to Work companies to highlight their high-paying, remote job offerings! So, what are you waiting for? See the roles and companies below that might just be the source of your next $100,000-plus gig.  

Hubspot: Glassdoor Salary Estimate ($50K-142K)
Open Roles: Software Engineer, Senior Product Manager, Payments, Product Manager, Sales Hub, Senior Software Engineer, Platform, Manager, Web Development, Engineering Leadership, Senior Software Engineer, CRM, Product Manager, CRM & more.
Additional Perks: Unlimited PTO, 401K match, maternity and paternity leave, 5-year sabbatical, leadership development, tuition reimbursement, employee resource groups & more.
What Employees Say: “Efficient and streamlined recruiting and interview process. Their people ops team really sets you up for success and is extremely transparent. The focus on culture, diversity, and inclusion is ingrained from day 1.” -Current Employee – Consulting Manager in Washington, DC

Browse Open Jobs

DocuSign: Glassdoor Salary Est ($49K-209K)
Open Roles: Senior Software Engineer – Reporting, Lead Technical Architect, Lead Product Manager, Marketing Experiences, Resource Manager, Product Management Director – Payments, Billing & Risk, Sr. Software Engineer (C#/.Net), Web & eCommerce, Lead Software Engineer (Full Stack), Web & eCommerce & more. 
Additional Perks: DocuSign offers a comprehensive benefit package for employees and their dependents. DocuSign pays 100% of employee’s medical, dental and vision premiums and over 50% of dependent medical, dental and vision premiums. In addition, DocuSign offers Educational Assistance, Flexible Spending Accounts*, Health Savings Account, 401(k) matching in the US, Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), life and disability insurance, AD&D insurance, retirement savings, up to 6 months paid parental leave*, wellness benefits, equity grants, generous PTO, subsidized commuter benefits* and 3 days Volunteer Time Off annually. Each employee also receives a free DocuSign account for his/her personal use.
What Employees Say: “There is a huge mentorship culture at DocuSign, everyone wants to teach you and help you move up the career ladder to find the best role. Throughout COVID, DocuSign has tried to make each employee feel supported and heard.” -Current Employee – MDR – Market Development Representative 

Browse Open Jobs

Facebook: Glassdoor Salary Est ($47K-244K)
Open Roles: Data Scientist, Analytics, Software Engineer, Solutions Architect, Portfolio Manager, Front End Engineer, Product Manager, Product Operations Manager, Communications Planning Manager, Instagram, Strategy & Operations Manager, Data Scientist, Product Analytics & more.
Additional Perks: Generous PTO, health insurance, well being programs.
What Employees Say: “Facebook deeply cares about its employees and has built a compelling culture around support and growth. Career growth opportunities are plentiful. If you don’t like the team you’re on or don’t get the support you want from your manager, Facebook empowers you to find new teams or projects. Facebook wants its employees to be invested in their work and to feel connected to its larger mission. If large scale opportunities and growth are important to you, Facebook is a fantastic place to work.” -Current Employee – Engineering Manager in San Francisco, CA

Browse Open Jobs

SurveyMonkey: Glassdoor Salary Est ($41K-$238K)
Open Roles: Senior People Partner, Senior Executive Assistant, Category Manager, Sr. Data Solutions Architect, Recruiter, Senior Manager, Strategic Planning & Analysis, Software Engineer, Sr. Salesforce Software Developer, Sr. Salesforce CPQ Software Developer & more. 
Additional Perks: Health Insurance, dental, 401k, stock vesting, with stock purchasing discounts.
What Employees Say: “Tone from the top hits the right notes often and pervades the company. Whether it’s assurances and comfort to employees struggling with racial injustice across the U.S., adjusting to working remotely full time due to a pandemic, striving to ship products to customers and prospects that they need and want, celebrating individuals and teams for their great work and values–our executive management has our employees back. They let us know this through their humane, humble, yet hungry pursuit of a world-class employee and customer experience.” -Current Employee – Counsel in San Mateo, CA

Browse Open Jobs

Salesforce: Glassdoor Salary Est ($85K-236K)
Open Roles: Senior Program Manager/Director, Product Operations, Mulesoft, Manager/Senior Manager, M&A Employee Experience, Engagement Manager, MuleSoft (Services Sales), Manager, Business Operations – Salesforce.org, Employee Success Business Partner, Senior Manager & more. 
Additional Perks: Top tier benefits ranging from financial, health, well-being, and service. Parental leave, 26 weeks (primary caregiver), 12 weeks (secondary caregiver).
What Employees Say: “Huge focus on work/life balance, flexible working hours, good pay, solid company, lots of room for growth and opportunity.” – Current Employee – Partner Sales in Boston, MA

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VMware: Glassdoor Salary Est ($78K-$243K)
Open Roles: Tanzu SQL – Sr. Manager – Opportunity for Working Remotely San Francisco, CA, Staff Engineer – Project Pacific/vCenter – Opportunity for Working Remotely Palo Alto, CA, Sr. Solution Architect – Telco Ecosystem – Opportunity for Working Remotely Palo Alto, CA, Site Reliability Engineer – Opportunity for Working Remotely Palo Alto, CA & more.
Additional Perks: Competitive compensation (salary, equity and bonuses) and comprehensive benefits designed to foster work-life balance, care for your health, protect your finances, and help you save and invest for the future. Generous paid time away from work including vacation, holidays, sick time, and 5 days of paid time off each year to serve and learn through volunteering.
What Employees Say: “Flexible working hours, easygoing coworkers and managers, management has clear vision and execution is awesome.” -Current Employee – Senior Member of Technical Staff

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Adobe: Glassdoor Salary Est (80K-$255K)
Open Roles: Performance Media, Analyst, Campaign Marketing Manager, Manager, Business Operations – Adobe Stock, Education Marketing Communications Specialist, HR Business Partner, User Experience Researcher, Experience Designer, Adobe Analytics, Senior Program Manager & more.
Additional Perks: Generous time off and enhanced leave for moments that matter, 4-week sabbatical after five years of employment, Adobe stock at 15% below fair market value by enrolling in ESPP, and educational reimbursement of $10,000 USD a year.
What Employees Say: “Especially in the midst of a global pandemic and BLM, Adobe has really shown how much it cares about it’s employees. Everyone is extremely talented, hardworking and kind. Wonderful benefits, opportunities for community engagement through internal and external engagements, and so many opportunities to learn within teams and through different pro-bono projects. Adobe truly invests in its community, and I’m extremely thankful to work here.” -Current Employee – Senior Business Development Representative

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Slack: Glassdoor Salary Est (77K-204K)
Open Roles: Engineering Manager, Datastores, Sr. Manager, Sales Operations, Audience Operations Manager, Marketing Enablement Analyst, Sr. Business Development Manager – Platform, Sr. Experience Specialist, Success Services & more.
Additional Perks: Incredible benefits package including generous maternity/ paternity leave, full family paid healthcare premiums, fertility assistance.
What Employees Say: “Culture encourages people to naturally be themselves, it stopped being classified as work for me a long time ago and more of a place my brain goes to think about people collaborate. Work life balance is not just talked about but demonstrated here.” -Current Employee – Manager – Technical Architect in New York, NY

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Intuit: Glassdoor Salary Est (78K-270K)
Open Roles: Marketing Manager – SEO, Staff Technical Program Manager, Senior Product Manager, Credentialed Virtual Tax Professional – CPA, Enrolled Agent or Attorney, Work From Home Expert Bookkeeper, Work From Home Credentialed Tax Expert – CPA, Tax Associate & more. 
Additional Perks: Wellness benefits, PTO and healthcare. There is also a 1k reimbursement benefit that you can apply to anything that contributes to your general well-being.
What Employees Say: “High degree of autonomy on meaningful projects, engaging collaboration, partnerships, and mentorships, incredible industry events and opportunities. Management listens to your ideas and concerns, and provides resourceful and useful feedback. Leadership also cares about your health and well-being and provides mobility to keep your career fresh.” -Current Employee – Lead Motion Designer in San Diego, CA

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Massachusetts General Hospital: Glassdoor Salary Est (37K-106K)
Open Roles: Bioinformatics Specialist II, Programmer, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, Research Animal Specialist, Non-Human Primate and Large Animal facility, Bioinformatics Specialist, Director of Research Facilities Management & more.
What Employees Say: “Excellent benefits, great training/certification opportunities to further your career.”-Current Employee – Registered Nurse, BSN in Boston, MA

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eXp Realty: Glassdoor Salary Est (19K-195K)
Open Roles: Regional Operations Manager – REMOTE, Sr. DevOps Engineer – Fully Remote,Provincial Managing Broker – British Columbia & more.
Additional Perks: FTO, FSA, Volunteer Time Off, Dependent Care, Stock Options, Fidelity 401(k), 401(k) Match.
What Employees Say: “I found eXp Realty through a temporary placement with a staffing agency after my move to the U.S. and being on maternity leave for 2 years. The position I was offered was not what I was looking for, but it was an opportunity to work from home and I got so impressed with what I had learned about the company that I thought I would jump in and see what happens. I got promoted and officially hired by eXp in 4 months. Fast-forward 1.5 years, I am still in love with eXp and I am so happy I made the decision to join!” -Current Employee – Liaison in Seattle, WA

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Apple Glassdoor Salary Est (35K-203K)
Open Roles: Operations Expert, Platform Specialist, Apple Education Products – Software Tools and Automation Engineer, Platform Specialist – Search Ads,  SW Engineer, AMP, App Store, Social Gaming Software Engineer & more.
Additional Perks: Apple offers great benefits including stock options, 401k, travel reimbursement options, discount on products as well as a strong health care plan.
What Employees Say: “We work with geniuses – in every department, We create innovative products that thrill our customers and create new product categories – who else can say that?” -Current Employee – Anonymous Employee

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Stryker:  Glassdoor Salary Est (29K-125K)
Open Roles: Director, Compliance Officer (Neurovascular), Summer Internship 2021 – Finance and Accounting – California, R&D Packaging Engineer, Lead Analyst, Customer Insights and Business Intelligence, Senior Staff Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Remote) & more.
Additional Perks: 401k and discretionary match are very competitive and the company does a good job of focusing on the value of the people that help to drive the business.
What Employees Say: “Most of the people are friendly. If you are a hard worker this place is for you. High significance to culture and values and good work-life balance.” -Current Employee – Senior Design Engineer

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KnowBe4 *Hiring Surge* Glassdoor Salary Est (40K-140K)
Open Roles: VP Customer Advocacy, SMB Sales Representative/Account Representative, Territory Account Manager, Regional Account Manager, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, Sales Representative & more.
Additional Perks: Fully paid medical health insurance, 401K matching, 6 weeks time off, company wide monthly bonuses, laundry Service, community service and philanthropic opportunities.
What Employees Say: “I am in the beginning stages of training, but I must say that this company has everything aligned and everyone is on the same page. Training is in depth and ensures you understand the product and the purpose of the company. Currently doing everything virtual due to Covid-19, but this has been a very personable experience.” -Current Employee – Managed Services Engineer in Clearwater, FL

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Box: Glassdoor Salary Est (73K-194K)
Open Roles: Customer Success Manager, Sr. Specialist, Program Management, Backend Senior Software Engineer, Learning Experience Designer, Sr. Python Developer, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, ISM, Senior Data Security Engineer & more.
Additional Perks: Comprehensive healthcare benefits, paid maternity and paternity leave and award-winning family forming & parenting programs, 401K contributions & several other investment options, employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP).
What Employees Say: “Box does not just speak our values, we live them. The CEO lives the corporate values and leads by example. We are encouraged to treat all exceptionally well and give back to our communities.” -Current Employee – Director, Customer Success in Austin, TX

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Equinix: Glassdoor Salary Est (58K-167K)
Open Roles: Senior Executive Assistant, Senior Director, Business Development Technology Partner Program, Principal Network Engineer, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO, Principal Software Engineer, Technology and Architecture, Office of the CTO & more.
Additional Perks: Provides 401k, RSU and offers ESPP, provides paid parental leave, bereavement leave, jury duty leave, provides employee perks, short term disability pay, health insurance, life insurance, long term disability pay.
What Employees Say: “The culture is great – very friendly and welcoming, strong emphasis on inclusion & diversity. Lots of flexibility. Leaders put in extra effort to maintain a positive culture. Very collaborative.” -Current Employee – Anonymous Employee in Redwood City, CA

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Zoom Video Communications *Hiring Surge* Glassdoor Salary Est (76K-136K)
Open Roles: Solutions Architect – Billing, Solutions Engineer (Zoom Phone) – Majors Accounts, Sales Engineer – Zoom Phone, Video Algorithm Engineer, Machine Learning Service Engineer, Audio Conference DevOps Engineer & more.
What Employees Say: “Very generous health and wellness benefits that go beyond most company benefits policies. This includes gym reimbursement, free mental health counseling, free book reimbursement, lunch served 4 days a week, a fully stocked kitchen in each office, free virtual workout sessions, and much more.” -Current Employee – SMB Account Executive

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 Eli Lilly and Company: Glassdoor Salary Est (58K-174K)
Open Roles: Medical Science Liaison, Research Scientist – NLP,Post Doctoral Research Scientist – Functional Antibody Screening – FDE, Automation Engineer – Project Design & Delivery,Plant Engineer-HVAC, Engineer- Large Biomolecule Lead & more.
Additional Perks: Lily has incredible healthcare and dental insurance options. The PTO is very generous with week long summer and holiday time off.
What Employees Say: “It is a team-work environment, although individuals’ performance is evaluated each year, the organization emphasizes team spirit. Management gives the employees time and chance to grow and learn new things to match with their own career goals.” -Current Employee – Research Scientist in Indianapolis, IN

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Qualcomm: Glassdoor Salary Est (68K-194K)
Open Roles: Software Security Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer – College Graduate, Senior Engineering Operations Manager, Director, Product Management – Automotive Software (ADAS), Senior Engineer, WiFi PHY Systems & more.
Additional Perks: Restricted Stock Grants, employee stock purchase program, generous time off, world-class medical coverage, extensive continuing-education options.
What Employees Say: “A great place for technology. A lot of focus on fairness and internal equity.” -Current Employee – Senior Director, Technology in San Diego, CA

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How To Develop Confidence To Fuel Your Job Search

Being unemployed can be hard on the ego. Whether you are recovering from a layoff or trying to get back into the workforce after a hiatus, it can be challenging to put unemployment into perspective without your sense of self taking a hit.

Being unemployed can make you feel unconvinced of your professional value. It’s time to shed that skin, recognize your worth, and energize your hunt. It adds to the difficulty from this tender place when you’re trying to muster up the gumption to sell your skills on the job market.

You’re not alone.

People lose their jobs for a variety of reasons. Some are performance-related, some are not. The COVID pandemic has unleashed tremendous implications for the American workforce.  

Pew Research writers Kim Parker, Rachel Minkin, and Jesse Bennett point out: “A a quarter of U.S. adults say they or someone in their household has been laid off or lost a job because of the coronavirus outbreak, and 32% say they or someone else in their household has taken a pay cut due to reduced hours or demand for their work. Overall, 42% say their household has experienced one or both of these.”

Whether you’ve lost your role or you’ve lost fit in your job, a huge number of your fellow Americans are experiencing that pain with you. Recognize that what you’re going through is part of a cultural current that is largely beyond your control.   

You’re a survivor.

These are demanding times. It takes guts, grit, heart, and optimism to manage 2020’s many challenges. Years from now, when we talk about the pandemic, yours will be a re-creation story about how you rebranded yourself during a moment of national trauma because you’re a survivor.

What you tell yourself about how you’re going to maneuver through this time matters. In their book Own your Greatness Dr. Lisa Orbé -Austin and Dr. Richard Orbé -Austin, both psychologists, and executive coaches, explain: “The stories we tell ourselves about a situation have a great impact on what we choose to do next in situations that dictate the trajectory of our lives.”

Lean into your network.

Position yourself for success by surrounding yourself with nourishing people. Reach out to mentors, former colleagues, friends, family members, etc. Remember, this is a time of national difficulty. You are likely to find that those in your network are especially supportive.   

Keep in mind, too, that when it comes to asking a contact for a referral, a reference, or an introduction, you don’t have to feel like you’re asking for some giant favor. This is how business gets done. Be professional and polite when you request help, but you don’t have to feel diminished because you need assistance.  Silently commit to helping someone when you can. That’s how it works. You’ll take what you need now and then help a job seeker who needs your support in the future.    

Create a routine around your search.

It can feel strange to go from having a full, busy day to seeing an empty calendar. Protect yourself by creating to-do lists and daily routines. Commit to advancing your job search and building your network each day. Reach out, follow up, and send out materials for fitting roles. Get into the job search business, then allow yourself to feel proud of the work that you’re doing there.

Build-in self-care.

Do those things that make you feel strong, optimistic, and healthy. Work with a therapist or a career coach. Build healthy activities into your routine. These activities stand to make you sleep better and to weather emotional challenges healthily. When your body feels healthy, your mind will feel better as well.

Sometimes, it can be hard to build on self-care initiatives. Drs. Orbé-Austin points out that micro-habits can be a helpful way of “being intentional and starting small.” They explain: “Micro-habits are actions that require minimal motivation or effort to complete.” Drs. Orbé-Austin uses the example that attending a regular exercise class may just start with packing the bag. That micro-habit then leads to attending the class once a week. More successes can build from there.  Drs. Orbé-Austin note: “By developing micro-habits for your self-care goals, you can deepen your commitment to them and strengthen your ability to achieve them.”

You’re the real deal.

It can feel tempting to think that this job loss exposes you as the imposter that you may fear that you are. Imposter syndrome is common; in fact, Drs. Orbé-Austin points out that 70 percent of people experience imposter syndrome. Drs. Orbé-Austin describes this phenomenon: “Imposter syndrome is the experience of constantly feeling like a fraud, downplaying one’s accomplishments, and always being concerned about being exposed as incompetent or incapable.” Orbé-Austin explains that people who struggle with imposter syndrome tend to repeat negative “origin stories” that reconfirm why they don’t belong.

Recognize it if you’re working your recent job loss into a larger and erroneous refrain: “This kind of stuff has always happened to me because I just can’t produce as well as I should.” Challenge that refrain, and get the help and support you need to put this job loss into perspective and move forward.  

Protect your precious confidence so that you can be active and engaged in your search. Reserve your energy for that, don’t allow it to be siphoned away by anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome.

Good luck! You’ve got this! 

help end inequality

To help end inequality, shine a light on inequities in the workplace, and anonymously share your demographics to pinpoint pay and diversity disparities.

15 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

No matter how many you go on, job interviews can always be nerve-wracking. You put on your nicest clothes, print out your resume, and remind yourself to smile real big–and just when you think everything is going well, the interviewer hits you with a curveball question you aren’t prepared for.

Luckily, you’re not going to let that happen again and you’re planning ahead to ace this month’s interview. The best way to for anything is to do your research ahead of time–which is why we’re here to help.

If you’re preparing for a big interview during COVID-19,  prepping beforehand with these 15 interview questions will help you get one step closer to that dream job.

1. Tell me about yourself?

Most interviews start with this question and how you answer it will make your first impression. If you stumble over the answer and aren’t quite sure what to say–you’re lack of confidence in yourself is showing. If you start listing all your greatest accomplishments and talk too much, your ego might look a little too big. You need to find a good balance between being confident, but not pretentious. 

The best way to prepare for this question is to prepare an elevator pitch about who you are. Skip your personal history and give about 2-3 sentences about your career path and how you ended up in this interview, applying for this job.  You don’t need to be too detailed, there are plenty of more questions coming. You just want to leave enough curiosity that the interview becomes excited to learn more about you throughout the interview. 

2. Why do you want to work for [insert company name]?

When a hiring manager asks this question, not only do they want to know why you want to work for them, but they also want to know what you know about the company.  This question tests how well you know what the company does and how passionate you are about the work they do–so make sure you know the company well and can speak truthfully about your desires to work there.

3. How did you hear about this job?

When asked this during an interview, don’t just say you heard about the job on a website. This is your opportunity to go into more detail about why you love this company and what motivates you to want to work there. Moreover, if you have a personal connection at the company, this would be a good time to mention their name!

4. Tell me about something on your resume.

Everyone has something on their resume that they’re really proud of. Whether it’s a skill or achievement you’ve listed or a specific place you worked, considering answering this question with the most interesting thing on your resume. Plus, don’t just say something relevant to your most recent position–you’re already going to be asked about that. Instead, think back to one of the older positions listed on your resume and talk about how that job helped you grow into the person you are today. 

5. Why are you looking for a job? Or, why are you looking for a different job?

This question might seem innocuous, but this is how interviewers weed out the people who are either a) just looking for any job b) were fired from their last position or c) might have a high turnover rate, meaning you won’t be sticking around for too long. Focus on the positives and be specific. Think about why you are looking for a job: did you just graduate and this will be your first real job? Are you switching career paths? Are you leaving a current job for this one?

If you are currently working somewhere, you should also be prepared to answer, “why do you want to leave your current job for this one?” 

6. Why should we hire you?

When asked this question, keep in mind that the recruiter is looking to hear what skills you have that you’re going to bring to the team. Don’t give a vague answer, such as, “I’m friendly and a hard worker.” Instead, be specific, summarize your work history and achievements, and use numbers when possible.

For example, say how many years of experience you have or name some of the accomplishments you made at your last company. The more specific you can be about what your skills are and how valuable of an employee you are, the better the interviewer will be able to picture you working there.

7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This can seem like a heavy question during an interview, especially when you haven’t prepared for it ahead of time. Keep in mind that you’re in an interview setting–so you don’t need to go into all the details about what your personal life goals are for the next five years. Focus on your career goals and be realistic. 

If you plan to work at this company for five years, make sure you understand who would be working above you and what potential career growth there is. The hiring manager asks this question to find out if you set realistic goals, if you are ambitious, and to confirm that the position you are interviewing for aligns with these goals and growth.

If this position isn’t exactly a job with a lot of future opportunities, you can simply answer this by noting that you are not certain what your future is going to look like, but that you believe this position is going to help you navigate yourself in the right direction.

8. Tell me about a conflict you faced at work and how you dealt with it.

This question is important to ace because it helps an interviewer understand how you deal with conflict. It also helps test how well you think on your feet–so if you prepare ahead of time with a specific example, you’ll avoid the awkward moment of silence while you try to think of an example.

Once you have an example in mind, simply explain what happened, how you resolved the issue in a professional manner, and try to end the story with a happy note about how you reached a resolution or compromise with your co-worker.

9. What is your dream job?

Similar to the “where do you see yourself in five years” question, the interviewer is looking to understand how realistic you are when setting goals, how ambitious you are, and whether or not the job and company will be a good place for you to grow.

Again, try to set aside your personal goals (don’t say your dream job is to be paid to take Instagram photos) and focus on your career goals. Think about how this job is going to set you up for the future and get you closer to your dream job. But, don’t be that person who says, “to be CEO of this company.”

10. What do you expect out of your team/co-workers?

This question is meant to understand how you work on a team and whether you will be the right cultural fit for the company. To prepare for this answer, make sure you research the company ahead of time. You can always tell a little bit about what a company’s culture is like by looking through their social media profiles or reading their reviews on Glassdoor.


11. What do you expect from your manager?

Again, the hiring manager is looking to understand what kind of employee you would be and whether you will be a good fit to add to their team. In some interviews, your future manager might be interviewing you. Answer this question as honestly as possible and pull examples from your current manager if you can show how they positively help you work better.

12. How do you deal with stress?

Answering this question will help hiring managers identify any potential red flags you might have. You want to show that you can handle stress in a professional and positive manner that helps you continue working or won’t stop you from accomplishing your goals. Moreover, be specific and explain what you actually do to deal with stress–like taking a 15-minute break to take a walk outside, or crossing items off on a to-do list, etc.

13. What would the first 30 days in this position look like for you?

This question helps a company understand what you will get done in your first month, to three months in the position–and how you answer it will signal whether or not you’re the right person for the job. Start by mentioning what information you would need to get started and what would help you transition into the new role.  Then focus on your best skills and how you would apply those to this position right away.

14. What are your salary requirements?

Some interviewers ask this question, others don’t. It’s always better to be prepared, especially because you want to make sure you would be paid a fair wage for the value you are going to add. That’s why we built our Know Your Worth tool–to help you determine what you should be paid.

Note: While employers can ask what your salary expectations are, in certain places it is illegal for them to ask what your previous salary was.

15. Do you have any questions?

The last question you will always be asked during an interview is whether or not you have any questions for the interviewer. This is your chance to really stand out–so don’t blow it by saying you don’t, or that your questions have already been answered. Even if you don’t have any questions–there’s always a question you can ask at the end of an interview.

Keep a list of at least three to five questions in the back of your mind so that no matter what, there are at least two questions you have to ask at the end of the interview. Recruiters say that actually enjoy getting to answer some questions at the end of an interview–they did just listen to you talk about themselves, so ask about them for a change. Once this part is over, you can rest easy and walk out of the interview knowing you aced it!

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Write the Perfect Cover Letter With This Template

The first time I ever learned about the concept of a cover letter, I distinctly remember how it was explained to me: “It’s like your resume, but longer.” The reason that moment sticks out to me so much? It’s completely wrong!

Yes, your cover letter should include some of the key skills, traits and experience highlighted in your resume. But copying and pasting from there into your cover letter will most definitely turn recruiters off. Odds are they’ve already read your resume — why would you make them waste their time reading the same thing over again?

Cover letters are your opportunity to not only show that you have the background and knowledge needed to do the job well, but that you’re also passionate, charismatic and well-informed. For many people, though, it’s a daunting task. With so much information to convey, where do you get started?

We’ve rounded up some of our top tips on cover letters to lay it out for you in one easy-to-follow guide. Our infographic shares a structure for you to follow, the content you need to share and some helpful tips on style and formatting.

Take a look below, and start drafting the cover letter that will score you your dream job — happy writing!

anatomy of coverletter 1

1. Contact Info: Don’t make recruiters dig through your cover letter to find your name and contact info — include it up top so they can easily reach out.

2. Greeting: Forget “To Whom It May Concern”. If you can find it, address the recruiter/hiring manager by name.

3. Intro Paragraph:

  • Relevant anecdotes, quotes, fun facts, etc. are all good ways to make your opening line stand out.
  • Make it clear that you know who the company is, what they do and what they care about.
  • Mention a few roles, projects, experiences, traits or passions that make you the ideal candidate.
  • If someone at the company has referred you, this is the place to name drop them.

4. Body Paragraph(s):

  • Incorporate keywords directly from the job description.
  • Whenever possible, include concrete metrics that illustrate the results you’ve achieved.

5. Closing Paragraph:

Summarize, don’t plagiarize. Reaffirm your interest, passion and qualifications from earlier in the letter, but don’t make it sound redundant.

6. Additional:

  • Cover letters should be clean and easy to read — save the intricate designs and crazy fonts for party invitations.
  • Like a resume, keep the cover letter to one page. If necessary, hyperlink your portfolio, website or samples of your work.
  • Saving your cover letter as a PDF file will ensure the formatting won’t change.

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