Engaging new presentation features in Microsoft Teams

Keeping students focused on learning can start with an engaging presentation. Today, we’re kicking off Microsoft Ignite, an annual event held virtually this year, with some exciting new Microsoft Teams features to help presenters deliver impactful presentations and provide meeting participants with dynamic experiences to keep them engaged.

Dynamic view intelligently and dynamically arranges the contents and participants in your meeting for a better viewing experience. In addition, the participant gallery automatically adjusts when the meeting window is resized.

The new Presenter mode empowers presenters to customize how their video feed and content appears for the audience. Our first mode, Standout, shows the speaker’s video feed in front of the shared content. Next, Reporter mode will show content as a visual aid above the speaker’s shoulder just like during a news segment. Third, Side-by-side mode will show the presenter’s video feed alongside their content as they present.

Educators will have the ability to disable video for students, either for individual students or for the entire class. This will help protect synchronous classes from unwanted disruptions and help keep students focused.

Educators will have the new option to download Attendance Reports after a class meeting is over in the meeting chat and channel thread. Only the meeting organizer has access to the Attendance Report, which will cover Join Time and Leave Time, Email Addresses, along with the class Duration so educators can more easily track student attendance and engagement.

Learn more about all these awesome new capabilities coming soon to Teams and if you’re not already using Teams, sign up for free to get started today.

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My First Job #8: Tamara Enzler

For the latest in our feature series allowing recent graduates to showcase their first jobs after leaving Glion, we spoke to BBA graduate Tamara Enzler, who’s found the secret of her success through internships…

Name: Tamara Enzler
Program: Bachelor (BBA) in International Hospitality Business (International Event Management specialization)
Position: Associate, Global Events
Company: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
When started: January 2020

“They are the best memories I have of my time at Glion; and the things I value most in job interviews.”

Internships. For Glion Bachelor students they are an essential part of the study mix. And Tamara Enzler is living proof of the career benefits they can bring about.

In fact, Tamara can cite three examples of the ‘internship effect’ – the first of them before she even arrived on campus. “Before Glion, I was able to do an operational internship in all departments in a hotel; this gave me an idea of the industry I was going into. I therefore decided that for my Glion internships I wanted to do both of them in the events industry,” she says.
Her first internship took Tamara to New York City, to work at David Monn, a successful luxury events agency catering to the top tier of the city’s society.

“It showed me how much goes into an event of that magnitude and that you need to be passionate about it in order to succeed,” she says. “I was part of the design team: hands-on work, creating decor, running around the city, setting up and dismantling the events. This internship really gave me the feeling that, as the saying goes, ‘if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere’. I really do believe that. Long and hard hours paid off when you saw the delighted faces of your clients.

Tamara loved New York so much that she went back to the city for her second internship; this time in the entertainment department at BMF Media.

She explains, “This was a good ‘step up’ from the first internship as it was more of an ‘office job’ – research, contacting people and negotiating prices. These two internships were really the best times I had during my Glion studies and it changed me as a person. I grew out of my shyness and become an adult and a professional. They helped to build my career path and showed me the different sectors within the events industry.

“All the small tasks I did built up to what I am doing now in my job. And most importantly, that details make everything. I was already a perfectionist and a maniac for the details – but even more now!”

To further immerse herself in the world of events management, Tamara opted for the International Event Management specialization during her final semester of Bachelor studies. Led by the vastly-experienced Giovanni Manfredini, this specialization teaches students how to “run the business behind the show”.

Immersed in global events

Now a graduate alumna, Tamara has taken her first job with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), based in Geneva. As it happens, this also began with an internship, which then transformed into an Associate role at the beginning of this year.

“As part of the Global Events team, I am responsible for the logistics of our events. Under normal circumstances, we have two main annual meetings, plus several smaller events which are side events to other organisations’ ones – for example WEF’s annual meeting in Davos, HLPF and UNGA in New York and IUCN in Marseille,” she says.

“However, the current pandemic situation has, of course, impacted the events industry hugely, and many events worldwide are being cancelled, postponed or moved to digital/virtual platforms. This is also the case with our upcoming meetings. So as a team we’ve been required to think out of the box for new and innovative ways to bring our content to members via digital means, while still keeping it as professional as possible.

“It also brings legal and contractual questions regarding the venues and suppliers we have booked for the events. Therefore, a lot of negotiating is going on as well.”

The ‘business as usual’ elements of Tamara’s role vary depending on which events are in the pipeline. They include checking registration status, responding to email enquiries in the events inbox, venue sourcing, negotiating contracts, budgeting, day-to-day contact with venues for logistics in the run-up to the event, brainstorming and researching new, innovative and engaging ways for delegates to participate. There’s also a constant quest to improve events with each edition.

Tamara regards her role as the logical extension of her internships, as she now sees the entire logistical management lifecycle of an event from A to Z, but also has a glimpse of the actual event content too. Plus the WBCSD’s focus on conferences has introduced her to this side of the events industry, which is useful career knowledge.

Tips for final semester students

And what of Tamara’s advice to current Glion students now mulling their own first job options?

I would recommend keeping an Excel spreadsheet to track your applications, especially if you apply to a lot of jobs… I’ve applied to roughly 250 positions! Your spreadsheet should include things like when you sent your application out and by which means; did you receive an answer, was it positive or negative, and what are the next steps,” she says.

“And don’t worry; it’s OK if you don’t find a job straight after graduation. It is good to take some time off, to rest before powering through and giving everything you have in your first job.”

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National Challenge: 90 Days to a Career-Ready America

Dream2Career challenges educational leaders to participate in 90 Days to a Career-Ready America. Schools and businesses that offer online experiences like webinars, courses, certificates, badges, degree programs, activities, virtual tours, educational games, learning communities, presentations, camps, educational kits, internships, mentorships, scholarships, incubators, or events for students of any age or ability, can post these experiences in a new way.  Dream2Career quickly connects learning experiences with the appropriate types of students based on their individual interest profiles.

Access to information has become a challenge because there is so much of it. Many organizations are posting lists of online learning resources for students. This is helpful, yet it takes too long for students and parents read through and check each website regarding all the of opportunities on the list, most of which do not apply to each unique circumstance.  These lists are all encompassing and consequently, poorly match to what each specific the learner is trying to achieve. Dream2Career filters learning experiences based on the user’s interests so students can quickly find the relevant information to immediately begin the learning process that matches their interests and aspirations.

Dream2Career is a women-led tech startup that developed a platform for schools and businesses to post online learning experiences in a student-focused way. Students, parents, educators, and career seekers need a resource that quickly matches needs and interests to the appropriate learning on-ramps. Using a unique algorithm, the platform integrates users interests and filters them through the Department of Education’s career clusters making it easy for users to receive only relevant learning experiences.

Some of the Best Planning Occurs in “Captivation”

Because of “shelter in place” rules, families are going to want to find tools that are useful in finding quality experiences to do at home. This unusual form of confinement offers individuals time to plan for their dream life and the best free tool to help families with this process is Dream2Career. NPR followed a group of inmates who completed degrees in prison and found that the learning experiences were able to inspire hope by making the time in confinement easier and more productive.  It is important to be able to see beyond our “incarceration” to life after this horrible pandemic. Using this newly found time to learn and to grow will inspire new ideas and it will create opportunities for a more promising future.

When we learn about things that interest us, innovation and prosperity await us on other side of this national disaster. Students, parents, mentors, and educators can register for free and we will email learning experiences that match the completed interest profile.

If you are a business or a school post learning experiences and help communities to find and prepare for dream careers.