Inside Glassdoor: Employee Feedback, Q3 2020

Glassdoor is a platform that allows people to find a job and company they love. This is enabled through our core value of transparency.  The two key ways we understand employee sentiment are through our own Glassdoor reviews and our Pulse data.

Our Glassdoor profile is open and available for all to see. In support of being as transparent as possible, we’ve taken another step forward and shared our own internal Pulse survey results, externally. Taking a job or making a career move is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. We believe that sharing more about Glassdoor and  specific team’s current feedback, will help prospective candidates decide whether Glassdoor is a place they will love to work. That’s our mission…we want to help everyone find a job and company they love, including here at Glassdoor.

Just as we did last quarter,  we are publishing key highlights and the full report of our quarterly Pulse survey, including the quantitative metrics and the comments that meet our publishing guidelines.

Quarterly Pulse Survey Highlights, Nov. 2020

Below are some of the key takeaways from the quarterly Pulse survey conducted in November 2020. 

  • eSat: Employee satisfaction remains flat since  the Q2 Pulse survey and continues to be an area of opportunity.
  • Flexible working: Employees feel favorably about Glassdoor’s flexible remote working policy. 
  • Managers: Most employees feel they can approach their manager about a mistake and that their manager creates an inclusive work environment.
  • Strategy clarity & role clarity: Though both up 5 points, there is room for improvement in helping employees understand the day-to-day transition and long-term implications of our GTM transition and unfolding partnership with Indeed. 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging: While Diversity and Inclusion scores increased slightly, and employee perception of leadership commitment increased due to Glassdoor’s new D&I initiatives, we still have much work to do to cultivate a sense of belonging where everyone feels represented and treated equitably.

If you’d like to explore further, you can find the full results below.

Pulse survey data: November 16, 2020 Company
eSat: 69
Response rate: 76% (+2 since our July survey)


  1. eSat: How happy are you working at Glassdoor? 
  2. Work Anywhere: I am excited that Glassdoor is embracing a flexible, remote working policy even after a vaccine is found.  
  3. Salary Transparency: I am aligned with Glassdoor’s commitments to create transparency in the workplace through publicly publishing salary data. 
  4. Salary Transparency Roll Out: Glassdoor was effective in rolling out salary transparency to employees. 
  5. Promotion Transparency:  Glassdoor’s decision to internally publish our promotion process helps ensure equitable and inclusive opportunities for advancement.  
  6. Strategy Clarity: I have clarity about Glassdoor’s go-forward strategy.
  7. Role Clarity: I understand my role in Glassdoor’s go-forward strategy.  
  8. Partnership Clarity: I understand why we are partnering with Indeed. 
  9. Diversity:  Glassdoor makes it easy for people from diverse backgrounds to be accepted
  10. Inclusion: Diverse perspectives are valued at Glassdoor.
  11. Belonging: I feel I can be my true self at work. 
  12. Leadership Commitment: The Sr. Leadership team demonstrates a visible commitment to diversity and inclusion. 
  13. DIB Changes: What should Glassdoor consider changing (doing less of, more of, or differently) in support of diversity, inclusion, and belonging? 
  14. My role in D&I: I understand my role in creating a diverse and inclusive Workplace.
  15. My role in D&I Comments: If you do not understand your role in creating an inclusive workplace, what would help you understand your role?
  16. Inclusive Environment: My manager creates an inclusive environment. 
  17. Team Objectives: My manager articulates clear objectives for the team. 
  18. Trust: I can approach my manager about a mistake. 
  19. Manager: I would recommend my manager to others. 
  20. Feedback: My manager provides me with feedback that helps me improve my performance.
  21.  What else? What else is on your mind?

Scores by department:

Survey conducted using Glint Employee Engagement Tool

*Note: a snapshot of the organizational structure was taken on 11/12/20.  Since then, the Legal Team now reports into the Finance and Business Operations Teams and the Workplace Experience Team now reports into the People Team. 


We commit to publishing all Pulse comments as written, so long as they do not contain the following:

  • Explicit criticism of individual employees outside of our Sr. Executive team
  • Profanities, threats, libel, or discriminatory language targeted at an individual or group
  • Confidential, non-public internal company information (some examples include: source code or detailed financial results)
  • Comments prefaced with #private, to protect confidentiality

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