2021 Guide to Best Preschools in Atlanta

Guide to Best Preschools in Atlanta

These great Atlanta preschools foster learning in a caring and fun environment, getting kids started on a path to success in school and in life.

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Anne & Jim Kenan Preschool at Atlanta Speech School

Children’s passion for knowledge and learning is cultivated by encouraging creativity, developing confidence and constructing brains built for reading. Teaching teams apply the latest research on how young children best develop and learn complex language, critical-thinking skills, self-regulation, world knowledge and empathy.

Atlanta Academy Preschool

The nurturing environment at Atlanta Academy provides each child with what he or she needs in a foundation for lifelong learning. Children develop close friendships, and work together to learn and explore new concepts.

Atlanta International School Early Learning Center

Exposure to new languages from a young age encourages learning. Atlanta International School offers this with full immersion preschool programs in French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Katherine Hamm Center at Atlanta Speech School

The Hamm Center partners with families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing to develop strong foundations for communication, literacy and confidence using Listening and Spoken Language. The tailored curriculum places children alongside peers with typical hearing, where relationships grow and conversation abounds.

MJCCA Preschools

At MJCCA Preschools, children develop a love of learning and families find a community that lasts a lifetime. Offering progressive curriculum, specialty enrichment classes, and an infusion of Jewish values for children ages 6 weeks through Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

Mount Pisgah Christian Preschool

Mount Pisgah Christian Preschool students prepare for the next stage of learning in a loving environment through interactive activities and play. With small classroom sizes, students receive individualized care.

The Mount Vernon Preschool

Mount Vernon’s youngest learners are curious, strong and competent. Fostering each child’s natural interests, teachers challenge students through hands-on, play-based activities to build a foundation for learning.

North Cobb Christian Preschool

More than a school, North Cobb Christian School’s Preschool is a family! NCCS’s unique and engaging preschool experience thoroughly prepares students for kindergarten and beyond – sparking a lasting love for learning while establishing a faith-based foundation.

Mount Paran Christian Preschool

Preschoolers at Mount Paran Christian School learn through creativity and play, and can’t wait for hands-on STEAM exploration each week. Faculty are degreed teachers who love and nurture faith in God in the hearts of their students.

St. Martin’s Episcopal School Early Childhood Learning Center

The Early Childhood Learning Center offers classrooms designed for two-year-olds through first grade, a STEAM village with a science lab, tinker space, art room and an outdoor learning space all geared to foster engagement and collaborative learning among young children. A 21st-century core curriculum is coupled with a wide range of co-curricular classes.

Stepping Stones Preschool at Atlanta Speech School

Through an intentional, systematic and multi-sensory approach to learning, Stepping Stones creates pathways to success for students experiencing speech and language delays. This multi-disciplinary program is focused entirely on maximizing the brain development of students from 3 to 5 years of age.

The Suzuki School 

The Suzuki School believes in the innate ability and talent of each child, and strives to provide an environment for students to thrive. The Montessori preschool is locally owned and operated, with roots in the city since 1976.

The Walker School Primary School

Walker instills a love of learning with a curriculum that is hands-on and child-centered. Playing has a purpose, improving a child’s fine motor skills, number sense and working memory. Students learn to impact an ever-changing world through collaboration, problem solving, movement and application.

Woodward Academy

Pre-kindergarteners receive warm encouragement and guidance to foster a natural spark of curiosity in an intentionally inclusive community representing the best of Atlanta. With low teacher-student ratios in every class, Woodward provides each child with individual attention and a loving environment.

For even more Atlanta-area preschools, visit our preschool directory. 

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