Trauma-Informed Social Emotional Learning with Noah Teitelbaum

Noah Teitelbaum is the Executive Director of Empowering Education. That means he does a bit of everything, from chatting with the principals and teachers using the program to managing program updates to writing SEL children’s stories about bunnies ( Empowering Education is a non-profit that enables learning by contributing to the social and emotional wellness of students, families, and educators through a mindfulness-based bilingual SEL curriculum. They offer an accessible, trauma-informed, affordable, and easy-to-use curriculum for K-8 teachers and SEL specialists to use in the classroom.

Noah joins Mike on this episode of Trending in Education to tell his origin story as an education professional with all the twists and turns that have happened since. We dive into the mission and approach he’s undertaken leading Empowering Education through this transformative year. We conclude with Noah’s perspective on what’s emerging on the horizon.

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