Glassdoor Reveals Salary Ranges for All Roles

Since Glassdoor was founded, we have been focused on driving transparency in the workplace: salary transparency in particular has been a cornerstone of what we offer. And I continue to believe that increasing workplace transparency is our biggest opportunity to create positive change in and out of Glassdoor. Today, we are excited to progress forward on transparency within Glassdoor: by sharing salary ranges for each and every role at our company.  We share this information for three reasons:

  1.  Our commitment to transparency as a business and with our product.
  2. Jobseeker visibility into how we pay across the entire company.
  3.  Ability to access information relevant to your pay, regardless of whether you choose to come to work at Glassdoor so that you can determine if you are being paid fairly for the work you do.

Increasing transparency is critical for employees and job seekers to make informed career decisions and to help ensure pay equity.  It is why we reaffirmed our commitment to providing greater transparency this summer. We are leaning into our strengths and pushing ahead to unlock information that shines a brighter light on culture, diversity & inclusion, and on our own business performance alongside compensation. As we continue to unlock more valuable insights for job seekers into employers everywhere, we will continue to adopt and practice the same level of transparency directly within Glassdoor’s own business.  

What Glassdoor Employees Get Paid

We know that salary is a top consideration for people when deciding what career path to pursue and deciding where to work. We believe in empowering candidates and employees with greater salary transparency so they can make more informed decisions in and outside of work. Provided below is a snapshot of Glassdoor salary ranges-  this can be filtered by country and department, too.

For our senior executives, we are going a step further: we are disclosing the specific salary for the Glassdoor senior executive team. (Following the start of the COVID pandemic, Glassdoor’s senior executive team took reduced pay,  and as CEO I took a pay cut of 50%. This remains in effect although the salaries below reflect our salary prior to the pay cut.

  • Christian Sutherland-Wong, Chief Executive Officer: $550,000
  • Kate Ahlering,  Chief Sales Officer: $400,067
  • Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer: $374,000
  • Owen Humphries, SVP of Finance and Business Operations: $374,000
  • Anthony Moisant, SVP of IT & Chief Information Officer: $400,075
  • Annie Pearl, Chief Product Officer: $400,075
  • Amanda Runner, SVP of Marketing: $353,000
  • Bhawna Singh, SVP of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer: $400,075
  • Samantha Zupan, SVP of Corporate Communications: $353,000
  • Robert Hohman, Co-founder and Chairman: $400,075

We believe in the power of transparency.  It may make us uncomfortable at times, but we can and should learn to work through that discomfort. With transparency, we hold ourselves accountable, and as employers, it should inspire us to take action to reach greater pay equity therefore driving welcome societal change. We may not always get everything right at first but with transparency, we will see our strengths, we will find our flaws, and we will work hard to do the right thing for our employees, our business, and society.


About the author: Shandra Johnson
I love to research and I'm very organized. I've worked in retail which is enjoyed. I wish I could find a job that allowed me to have more time with my son.

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