Happy Veterans Day! Here Are 7 Companies Who Take Care of Their Veteran Employees

Today is Veterans Day. After a career in the military, returning to the workforce can have unique challenges, and some companies recognize that. We’re highlighting companies that make a special effort to provide resources for the veterans they employ and their families. Check them out below!

CR England

C R England is honored to work with veterans on getting them started in a new career as a truck driver. They offer honorably discharged veterans a 9-month agreement for the schooling rather than the standard 12-month agreement. Also, CR England allows its veteran employees to have their schooling paid 3 months earlier than non-Veterans. See the additional benefits they offer below. 

  • CR England offers veterans the opportunity to receive the Department of Labors Journeyman certificate as a Trucker, Heavy through their apprenticeship program. This is a 12 month, 2,000-hour program approved by the Veterans Administration. Eligible Veterans are also able to receive a stipend from the VA through their G I Bill. This is usually for an amount of $900-$1300 per month tax-free for up to 12 months. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, they receive their Journeyman certificate from the Department of Labor.
  • CR England has 22  trucks “wrapped” in Veteran colors; they usually add 2 Veteran trucks per year to their fleet; all veterans are eligible to have one of these trucks assigned to them based on criteria about their driving with us.
  • CR England also has a Veteran Support group made up of Veterans who are willing to help drivers with any concerns they might have while driving for us. If they cannot get an acceptable answer from their Driver managers, they will work with them to resolve any issues or questions they might have.
  • C R England usually will hold a service honoring all their Veterans employees around Veteran’s day, where the new Veteran trucks are presented to their new drivers. There will be different activities and presentations at that time.
  • CR England’s Military Veteran Advocates (MVA) team, composed of retired Army and Air Force veterans, uses its combined 64 years of military experience to provide one-on-one assistance to military veterans and military spouses as they transition into a civilian career or search for new employment opportunities at CACI. In addition to helping in navigating the CACI application process, their MVAs also advocate on an applicant’s behalf with recruiters and hiring managers and offer resume and job targeting guidance. 

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VITAS Healthcare

VITAS Healthcare is recognized as a high-ranking We Honor Veterans hospice provider by the NHPCO, and the VA employs over 12,000 employees in 14 states and DC. They encourage Veterans to apply for positions that fit their qualifications ranging from clinical positions like physicians or nurses to customer service or customer-facing positions like Sales Reps, Customer Service Reps, or HME Warehouse Supervisors, as well as central support positions in finance, IT, HR, and more.

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Los Alamos National Lab 

Los Alamos National Lab offers Veteran Employee Resource Group, they support veteran organizations like Wounded Warrior Project they also help veterans in the community gain employment through a linkage agreement with the state’s Department of Labor through the NM Workforce Connection where they help veterans write resumes/cover letters, help them grow their professional network, find referrals, and assist with job applications. 

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8×8’s veteran initiative is geared towards partnering with military service members looking to transition into a civilian workplace. Many of these individuals are mission-driven and can handle any situation they may find themselves in. Their discipline, leadership skills, and ability to learn are just a few of the many reasons 8×8 focuses on hiring veterans. As a company, 8×8 continuously works to improve its veteran presence and partner with organizations to enable us to do so. 8×8 has many employed veterans, including their CFO, Sam Wilson, and they take great pride in the work they do to help veterans transition into a civilian workplace.

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Graybar has a long history of employing and supporting veterans. They build on the military experience and offer veterans a strong track record of career progression, stability, and a culture of employee ownership. Recently, they launched a landing page on their career site to highlight current veterans who have grown their careers at Graybar. Graybar regularly participates in volunteer events that support veterans in their communities.

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Micron Technology

Micron Technology offers the following benefits and programs for their veteran employees. 

  • Military Differential Pay provides up to 240 hours of supplemental pay during a rolling 12-month period to eligible team members performing any category of military training or service in the US uniformed services. 
  • Veterans Employee Resource Group
  • Paid Veterans Day Holiday
  • Personalized career website to help match skills to positions at Micron
  • Facilitate various veteran-specific events such as
  • Guest speaker opportunities
  • Employee Referral Campaigns

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MultiCare has several employee diversity programs, including Careers for Veterans. MultiCare is proud to employ over 1,000 veterans in clinical, non-clinical, and leadership roles across their organization. They value the skills, experience, and work ethic their military veterans bring to their workforce.

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