Knowing Through Making with Dr. Lorne Buchman the President of ArtCenter College of Design

Dr. Lorne Buchman, the President of ArtCenter College of Design and host of the Change Lab Podcast, joins Mike this week to share his experiences as a maker and the leader of an esteemed College of Art and Design. Lorne shares his origin story that is deeply steeped in the practical application of his education in the theater at Stanford University where he earned his doctorate. We touch on the power of humanistic psychology and the importance of building a culture where creatives can truly thrive to do their best work.

Then we dive into how Lorne and team have delivered on the mission statement of ArtCenter which is “Learn to Create. Influence Change” both historically and particularly in the context of the challenging year that is 2020. We also get some of Lorne’s perspective as a podcaster since he’s been hosting Change Lab going on seven seasons now. Lorne is a visionary who to this day still thinks like a theatrical director. We feel privileged to have gotten access to his unique perspective on this episode.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did pulling this episode together.


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