#NHHM Profile Series: Meet Frank Delgado, ENT Branding Specialist At Glassdoor

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, Glassdoor will highlight several influential employees within the Latinx community across the marketing, engineering, product, and workplace experience verticals throughout September and October. These leaders are diverse, passionate, driven, and are incredible examples of how the Latinx community isn’t monolithic. 

Meet Frank Delgado, ENT Branding Specialist at Glassdoor. His focus includes helping medium-sized companies attract, nurture, hire, and retain top talent through their Employer Brand. Frank has 6+ years of experience in Sales and Account Management. Here at Glassdoor, Frank has held multiple roles including Sr Account Manager, Online Sales Manager, SMB Growth Manager, and now ENT Branding Specialist. Aside from his core roles, Delgato has also helped build and maintain a mentorship program of 120+ participants in Sales and Customer Success. Frank is the newest member of the ‘LaFamilia’ ERG and holds the Community Lead role.

Q: Share your career journey. What led you down the path of your current profession?

A: From a very young age, I learned to appreciate hard work and the value of every dollar. When I was 12 years old, my first job was selling Gatorade at my father’s Sunday Soccer League (“Liga Azteca de Fútbol”). I came to appreciate walking up and down all four soccer fields for the 8 hours the adults were playing, noticing that I could earn $100 – $200 total ($2 at a time).

Fast forward a few years, I attended Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. I played soccer and worked at a Verizon store selling the latest and greatest Blackberry (and iPhone 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s, of course)! After I graduated, I spent 3 years at Aerotek. There’s something to be said about someone that can grind their way to success at a Staffing Company. I learned invaluable lessons on business etiquette, being customer-centric, and working hard (5-6 days a week, 10-11 hours a day). 

After Aerotek, I moved to another amazing company focused on transparency and helping people find a job and company they love! Glassdoor has been an incredible place to learn from a wide variety of people. The focus on grittiness and transparency truly is built into the foundation of our work, and I love it.

Q: Speak a bit about your cultural background. How has your heritage shaped your professional and personal journey?

A: My father is from Mexico, born and raised in Jalisco. He came to the United States as a professional kickboxer and wanted to achieve the “American dream.” He spent years in California before finally making his home in the Midwest (Wisconsin), working as a banquet setup supervisor. My mother grew up on a farm and was far from wealthy. She spent a short period at college but dove into the workforce instead to help her family. My parents raised my three siblings and me to be hardworking, respectful, and driven individuals. My older brother is a professional MMA fighter and owns his own gym, my older sister is a High School counselor, and my younger sister is a 4th-grade teacher.

I don’t know if my parents actually know what I do daily, but I can say they tell me they’re proud. 

Q: Do you feel that Glassdoor has celebrated and supported your Hispanic identity and surrounding community, and if so, how has it successfully done that? If not, how could it do so better?

A: Glassdoor has always done a great job of celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. Whether that be our ethnicity, gender, or otherwise, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot about different groups and cultures from working at Glassdoor because there’s always been time taken to appreciate those individualities. 

While I think Glassdoor has done a good job so far, there’s always an opportunity to do better. I’m happy that the ERG’s at Glassdoor has become a part of our DNA and that we continue to focus on expanding. Not to mention the new products and features that Glassdoor has developed recently to help share others’ opinions. There’s a high level of accountability for Glassdoor to continue to build DE&I into the fabric of our products.

Q: What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you, and how are you planning to celebrate this year?

A: National Hispanic Heritage month is an amazing reminder that I appreciate where I come from and reach out to those who celebrate with me. My Abuelita is nearing the ripe age of 92, and when I call her, I get stories of when my Abuelo was around or my father was young. It’s also a time of year when I try to learn more about the other non-Mexican heritage that I don’t know enough about. It’s a good reminder that not all Hispanics are Mexican, and there’s a wealth of knowledge to be learned about the different cultures.

Q: How do you feel about being the Community Lead of Glassdoor’s LaFamilia ERG? What impact are you striving to make at Glassdoor with the ERG?

A: In general, I love being part of the LaFamilia ERG. In particular, the Community Lead feels perfect for my interests and strengths. I get to partner with organizations outside of Glassdoor to help make an impact. For instance, a recent partnership we’ve undertaken is with Code2040, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the representation of Black and Latinx individuals in technology. Being able to help those that historically are underrepresented land jobs in a challenging field is incredibly important and fulfilling.

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