5 ½ Miles and 15 minutes of Fame

Asked why he wanted to climb Mt Everest, “Because it’s there!” was the reply.

Edmond Hillary and his guide Tenzing Norway lead the first successful expedition up the great Mount Everest.

Towering 5 ½ miles above the earth, Everest has tempted countless adventures over the years to scale her treacherous slopes.

Faced with the constant threat of death, avalanches, starvation, high winds and treacherous slopes, adventures each year attempt to meet the challenge.

As Hillary, Norway and their team ascend inch by inch, their once large expedition continued to decrease as they ascended the mountain, each camp smaller than the last.

Then it happened.

At 11:45am on May 29, 1953 Hillary and Norway stood at the top of the world.

Want to know the crazy part?!?

After a mere 15 minutes, due to howling winds and snow, they were forced to begin their decent.
Scarred and frostbitten, sore, and struggling to move, the duo began their treacherous decent.

Unless they began an immediate decent back to their most recent base camp, night would soon overtake them and they would surely lose their lives to the elements.

All that for 15 minutes at the top of the world…

What’s your Everest?

Some goal you’re striving for, an ambition to achieve?

We all have one.

My Everest years ago was a financial one and it was only when I got to the top that I realized how foolish it was.

Have you heard the cliche,” I climbed my ladder to the top, only to realize it was leaning against the wrong wall?”

So was it worth it?

Was the 15 minutes of fame worth it?

Was it worth the strained relationships, sacrifices, late nights at the office, missed engagements and lost memories?

Even if you make it to the top, then what?

Older men must make way for the younger ones behind them. Time eventually gets the best of you. Others will come behind you, hungry for more power and money than yourself.

The goal of the Jesus follower is to ascend the mountain where God dwells. A mountain where there won’t be only 15 minutes of fame but an eternity with him.

Are you climbing the right mountain? Are you ascending the mountain to deepen your relationship with Jesus or sacrificing it all for 15 minutes of fame?

If you find yourself traveling the wrong path, there’s still time to turn around if you stop now. When you take the journey up God’s mountain, you’ll never have to turn around and descend.

The choice is 15 minutes of fame or forever.

Which is it?

Remember, you’re only one habit away…



Kathleen Houlihan is a leader in workforce innovation and she is the Founder of an agency that reimagines talent acquisition and optimizes the system for candidates and employers. Her company, Dream2Career, provides human-centric ROI solutions that filter-in candidates who exceed expectations in the workplace.

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