AI Brings the Teacher Back to E-Learning

Current e-learning has been focused primarily on mimicking the classroom, except that the teacher takes on a less important role. Students are interacting with content that a subject matter expert assembled, but there is no direct relationship between the student and the content matter expert, a.k.a., the teacher. Webinars and the occasional live interaction are inadequate substitutes for the classroom experience.

Some of the most important characteristics of teachers are on the fly diagnostics of a student’s challenges, adaptability, and the ability to customize content to the student. Even more importantly, is the relationship that students develop with instructors. That relationship helps students develop a more far-reaching perspective of the subject matter and helps them integrate within the culture of their field of study.

Imagine a nurse who has never interacted with patients or a teacher who has never taught students. These are unimaginable, yet as more and more students study online they are missing on the cultural experience of learning that starts in the classroom.

AI can be used to revive these important elements of learning. An AI can incorporate the best practices of teaching, standardizing the overall teaching experience, but it can also incorporate a more personal experience by conversing with students. An AI with emotional intelligence develops a trusting relationship with students. We have seen examples of that where students are more motivated to learn when they feel that their concerns are being addressed.

AI in e-learning is more than a tool to customize the delivery of content. It is a tool to build trust with a student because it can address the specific learning and emotional needs of the student.

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