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Bowling Green FFA’s Clint Bailey earns State Star in Agricultural Placement as hands-on learning grows his SAE.

Doing to Learn. These three words make up the second line of the FFA motto, the goal of a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and the definition of Missouri FFA’s State Star in Agricultural Placement’s dedication to growth in his SAE.


Clint Bailey of the Bowling Green FFA Chapter started his placement SAE at Bowling Green Veterinary Clinic walking dogs, cleaning kennels and providing animals with proper food and water. These tasks, while important and necessary to daily operations at the clinic, represent the start of a journey filled with learning and growth. ICC_PROFILEpADBEprtrCMYKLab –)5acspAPPLADBEˆ÷”-ADBE desc¸tcprtp+wtptA2B0∞¢A2B2∞¢A2B1£∏¢B2A0E¿8¥B2A1~t8¥B2A2∑(8¥gamtÔ‹descU.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2textCopyright 2000 Adobe Systems, Inc.XYZ µZºg0mft2$⁄iŸ 6« ˇ1^∑‚2Wyµ“Ô%Y !≤"⁄#ˇ%#&D'f()ß*«+Ë-.(/H0i12¶3¬4fi5˚7


After gaining experience at the vet clinic, Bailey’s responsibilities began to increase. He started assisting the lead veterinarian at the local sale barn, the Eastern Missouri Commission Company, and assisting on large animal farm calls.


“My roles and responsibilities have changed in the veterinary science placement area,” Bailey says. “After working at the clinic for two months, I was given a promotion to help assist Dr. David Cerven in providing services at the Eastern Missouri Commission Company. My responsibilities include working the cattle chute, tagging calves, giving implants, aging cows, working the hot shot, penning cattle and holding the tails of bulls for the doctors to castrate.”


Bailey says this increase in responsibility has given him a more accurate glimpse into the life of a large animal veterinarian.


“The responsibilities at the sale barn have introduced me to an environment that is similar to a full time career as a veterinarian, since most veterinarians are called to farms to work livestock such as cattle, goats, sheep and hogs,” he explains.


This time spent “doing to learn” at the Bowling Green Veterinary Clinic has helped shape Bailey’s future career goals. He plans to attend the University of Missouri (MU) to obtain a degree in Animal Science. Upon graduation, he hopes to attend the MU College of Veterinary Medicine.


Bailey’s goal is to return to his hometown to apply for a position as a large animal veterinarian at the Bowling Green Veterinary Clinic. While working as a veterinarian, he plans on continuing to help operate his family’s commercial beef cattle operation in the future.

-by Brandelyn Martin Twellman

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