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Officer - Kaylee Lower

Two weeks into quarantine and social distancing, an idea popped into my head but I wasn’t sure how I was going to carry out the plan with so much uncertainty in the world. 


On April 4, 2020, I sent a text message that read, “Hello, I am Kaylee Lower, a senior at Weaubleau High School. I was wanting to get in contact with an individual about making cards for all of the nursing home residents.” Little did I know that the text message I sent would have such a positive impact on the lives of nursing home residents. 


As you go through your journey, I challenge you to do the little things in life because they are the ones that mean the most. Even when you think something is not going to make a difference, to some people, like the nursing home residents, it makes the biggest difference. Don’t be afraid to take part in the small, seemingly insignificant moments because those are the ones that are remembered the most. No matter how big or small, as FFA members we all have the capability to make a positive difference in our homes and communities.


I never imagined a handmade card would make nursing home residents smile so big until I made 100 of them for the residents at Northwood Hills Care Center. It’s the little things like hand made cards that these individuals will treasure forever. 


Thinking back on April 4th, I was upset because I wasn’t able to finish my final year of high school or go to my last FFA contest, but then I began to consider a different perspective. We were all facing challenging and uncertain times; it’s how we choose to spend those times and the perspectives we have that make the greatest impact.


You have the choice to find good in the world or look straight past the good to stare at all the negativity. I challenge you to see the good and make a difference in your FFA chapter, home and community. Do the little things that mean the most and see the good in the world. Together they will leave a lifelong impact on those around you. 


How are you going to find the good and make a positive impact on the world?

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