A 2020 Learning Vision with SXSW EDU

For this week’s extra, Mike is joined by Ron Reed and Greg Rosenbaum from SXSW EDU to talk about trends in learning and education over the past 10 years as the conference gears up for its 10th anniversary run in March 2020.

What has changed over the years and what has remained the same? What’s it like to run a learning conference as part of SXSW? How is SXSW EDU operating in a way that is inclusive and representative of the community and how does it continue to explore the cross disciplinary nature of the education landscape in the 21st Century?

You’ll hear about all of this and also get some news about the launch of a dedicated Podcast Stage featuring a live recording of Trending in Education which is on tap for SXSW EDU in the coming Spring.

Have a listen to learn more! And join us next March in Austin if you can https://www.sxswedu.com/attend/ !


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