Coursera’s Global Skills Index

As we’ve said on numerous occasions, you need 21st Century skills to pay those 21st Century bills. To that end, Coursera, the online learning platform, recently released its inaugural Global Skills Index, billed as “data-driven insights into the world’s top career skills.”. Dan and Mike are once again joined by Melissa Griffith as we dive into the global insights this report has to offer. 

What skills are most sought after by Coursera’s users? How might this data be interpreted to understand global upskilling trends? Are there any gaps or biases in the data that Coursera is working with and how might future ‘GSI’ reports look as Coursera refines this report? What other learning platforms could add broader context to what’s happening with global skill development? How does the United State stack up against the rest of the world and how should we interpret those comparisons?

We cover these questions and tie the conversation to broader trends in workforce development and the future of work on this week’s show. Enjoy!



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