Old School v New School – Are Handwritten Notes More Effective than Typing? – Trending in Education – Episode 190

If you step into a classroom today, you’re likely to hear the tap tap of keyboards and cell phones, as students attempt to type down as many notes as possible from the lecture. While technology in the classroom can help push students forward, does technology win out on note-taking or does the “old school” paper and pen(cil) approach win the day? 

This week we dive into the digital v analog note-taking debate! Recent studies have shown that retention rates are higher for students who take notes with a pen and paper. What is it about the “old school” approach that proves better? How can students resist the pull of technology to take better notes? Should note-taking, notes management, and other studying techniques be something schools focus on with younger students? What technology can be used to get the best of both worlds?

All that and Mike works on a sketch of Dan live on the show! Get your notepads and pens ready as you listen in and enjoy!


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