Digital Math Activities for 4th Grade

4th Grade Math Test Prep and Review for Google Classroom

I may be married to STEM, but math and I are BFFs. If you feel the same way about math, high five my friend. If math and you aren’t really besties, or your students groan when you start talking about fractions, I have something that will make math just a wee bit more enjoyable in your digital classroom.

Digital math? Hmm, how does that work?

Though I have been creating resources for the digital classroom for years, it’s always been more straightforward to create and use text-heavy styles as opposed to entering numbers or creating math exercises. Math, in my opinion, will always need pencil and paper at least some of the time. For this reason I have held off creating too many digital math resources because nothing “felt right.”

Where digital and math DO seem to have common ground is in a review format (as well as instructional, but that’s a topic for another time). For initial practice, I recommend sticking with pencil and paper. Once students have a reasonable level of mastery, digital review formats are AWESOME!

  • Digital formats engage students. 
  • Digital practice is imperative if your state testing is computer-based.
  • Flexibility to customize math practice for students is useful for student learning and teacher tracking.

State Testing in the 21st Century

Sometimes you HAVE to practice math on a screen. As more and more states more to online testing, it’s important to get practice both with pencil and paper, and in a digital format. That’s why in addition to having CCSS-aligned digital math practice, I have created this as an editable resource.

Did you say EDITABLE?

Yes! You can add as many new problems as you like. I even created a video guide to walk you through it in my downloadable resource. Another great feature is that these are self-checking so they can be used independently.

Watch the Video  Overview

Get Digital Math Practice for Google Classroom

Click to get this digital math review resource.When you download it, you will have over 65 problems to get started on right away, with the option to add as many additional problems as you’d like.

4th Grade Math for Google Classroom - Editable Digital Math that is perfect for review and test prep. | Meredith Anderson - Momgineer

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