Get Resume-Ready Skills to Advance Your Career with the New Codecademy Pro Suite

When we started Codecademy in 2011, our goal was to help everyone learn the technical skills they need to find jobs. We were witnessing the growing skills gap first-hand as classmates struggled to land jobs after graduation, and I personally experienced the frustration of trying to learn how to code – both on my own and through traditional computer science classes, which provided a less-than-warm welcome. It was baffling to see that there was no easy way to bridge the gap between employers who were desperate for tech-literate employees, and potential employees who were eager to learn these skills yet didn’t know where to start.

We realized this problem could be solved in three key ways: engagement, accessibility, and flexibility. Building a new learning experience that was engaging and interactive allowed learners to acquire new skills faster with a learn-by-doing approach. Making our product free and online meant anyone, anywhere could learn these skills, without the barriers to entry of a traditional higher education. And lastly, making it flexible around your life meant people were no longer required to quit their job and enroll in a full-time program to learn – anyone could learn these skills in their spare time.

To date our free product has helped more than 45 million people around the world, making us the largest platform teaching people technology skills to advance their careers. But we know the skills gap hasn’t gone away, and there’s even more we can do to help you, our learners, achieve your goals.

That’s why today we’re introducing the all new Codecademy Pro, a new set of products to help anyone learn resume-ready skills to advance their career.

Codecademy Pro

For the past year, we’ve been listening to you about how we can better help you learn the skills you need for your jobs. We’ve been building, testing and taking in your feedback, and today we’re rolling out a suite of three new product offerings to give you the extra support, guidance and accountability you’ve been asking for.

Codecademy Pro has three tiers: Pro, Pro Intensive, and Pro Mentors, each offering a deeper experience, allowing you to choose the best level of help for your needs.

  • Pro. A monthly membership ($19.99) for those who want to continue to accelerate their learning. It includes a personalized learning plan that lets you track progress against key skills, live on-demand coding help from professional advisors, and provides extra practice including quizzes and projects that aren’t available in our free offering.

  • Pro Intensive. A series of structured, 8-10 week programs designed to teach specific skills to help advance your career. Our first two programs, available today for $199 each, teach you to Build Websites from Scratch and Build Front-End Apps. Others you’ll see from us this year include Build Back End APIs, Build Full Stack Apps, and Quality Assurance Engineering.
    Each Intensive is broken down by what you want to accomplish versus a specific language, and gives you hands on experience building real projects using the same tools and workflows as professional developers. Intensive allows you to communicate with a cohort of other learners in the program and have your code reviewed by professionals along the way. At the end of the program, you’ll come away with portfolio-ready projects.

  • Pro Mentors. Gives you all the benefits of Pro and Intensive, plus weekly 30 minute live video sessions with a professional mentor, for $499.

Each of these new offerings builds on the accessible, engaging, and flexible approach that has been key to the success of our core product. They are also a result of 18 months of testing and proving that this approach will get you the results you want. In fact, 93% of all early Codecademy Pro Intensive graduates reported that the course helped them with their careers, and hundreds of those same learners have already reported receiving raises on average of $5,000, representing a 25x return on the cost of the Intensive.

While there’s still work to be done to address the growing skills gap, we’re helping learners make strides in learning the tech skills needed for their career paths. People like Lacey Bathala, who learned to code with Pro and turned those skills into a promotion and a salary increase. Or Jorge Tovar, who learned how to build websites through Pro Intensive, allowing him to shift careers from marketing at L’Oreal to product management at Johnson & Johnson’s JLabs incubator.

We’re excited to bring these new products to all of you today, and can’t wait to hear even more of these stories over time. Our mission from six years ago still rings true today, and we look forward to continue helping you take your coding skills and careers to the next level with us.

Kathleen Houlihan is a leader in workforce innovation and she is the Founder of an agency that reimagines talent acquisition and optimizes the system for candidates and employers. Her company, Dream2Career, provides human-centric ROI solutions that filter-in candidates who exceed expectations in the workplace.

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