10 Top Construction Apps for the Jobsite

Technology’s visible on every job site in America today and has been steadily advancing for some time now.  Clever tablet, laptop, and phone applications can help a technician, foreman or project manager with the more mundane tasks they face when working in the field.

Saving time for yourself or the boss during your workday reflects positively on your work habits and ability to utilize your time wisely.  If you’re in an industry where competition for work is fierce, then validating your intellect by making everyday tasks a bit easier demonstrates good work habits.  There’s certainly no shortage of work-related applications to choose from, but which ones are useful?  Which applications can make even the most technologically challenged technicians work smarter?  Here are ten applications for construction professionals that caught our eye.

Voltage Drop Calculator

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Southwire Voltage Drop Calculator gets 4 of 5 stars and is commonly used on both iPhone and Android platforms.  This application helps determine the correct wire and size to use for an electrical circuit.  It also calculates the voltage drop of a particular run.

Pitch Gauge

Pitch Gauge is a productivity application that helps users calculate the area and slope of any roof.  Pitch Gauge has also been featured in magazines like Professional Builder Magazine and commended for its usefulness.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

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Everything Lowe’s, all the time.  Make sure they have your material in stock before leaving the job site.  Lowe’s also offers their entire product catalog for those of you wanting to compare cost on a certain item.

Concrete & Ag Calculator

The name says it all! This useful app from Chaney Enterprises is geared towards the concrete and agricultural industries and helps in calculating amounts to order all the while reducing waste.

Google Sheets

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One of the most intuitive spreadsheet apps allowing users to communicate together in real-time.  Google Sheets lets users create and edit any spreadsheet on multiple devices and progress is automatically saved as you and your colleagues work together.

Handyman Calculator

This nifty app offers an array of calculators for different projects all in one.  Handyman Calculator offers each user time tracking tools and to-do list options as well.  If you have a project, this application can help with its litany of uses aimed at managing project costs.


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Fieldwire offers construction management tools that help keep the lines of communication open between technicians, foreman, and project managers.  Communication is vital in the field and this application helps in keeping people connected.

Drywall Calculator

Drywall Pro is another great app made by iQuick Tools.  Drywall Pro can help estimate the cost of a particular project by recording cost, profit and material use.

AutoCAD 360

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AutoCAD 360 allows users to share construction prints and drawings on their mobile devices quickly and easily.  This smart application has tools for drawing and drafting and lets users edit, create and share AutoCAD between one another.

Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner scans any document and turns it into a clear, useable image/PDF from your mobile device. This app can be used for emailing and faxing information, like sending in timesheets or documents, that need a signature and passed on quickly.

Be on the lookout for more top construction apps

Finding new work related applications for your phone or tablet that help you with your job feels beneficial and rewarding.  Everyone from the installers to the boss at his desk is looking to save time and money during the day, and with tech increasingly becoming common at the jobsite, new apps are bound to continue flowing.

Next time you’re on break, take a look around your app store. There are numerous construction geared applications available that can make your day run more smoothly.

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Kathleen Houlihan is a leader in workforce innovation and she is the Founder of an agency that reimagines talent acquisition and optimizes the system for candidates and employers. Her company, Dream2Career, provides human-centric ROI solutions that filter-in candidates who exceed expectations in the workplace.

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